What has been your experience with zoloft? Any answers are appreciated, I am afraid. - Social Anxiety Forum
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What has been your experience with zoloft? Any answers are appreciated, I am afraid.

I am extremely scared. Today, after years of this back and forth cycle of being "okay" and extremely down. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I knew things were bad, but every time I started to feel better, I thought that things were okay, but I'd end up right back in that downward spiral. I was really good at faking it until I started isolating myself more and picking fights. I couldn't enjoy family time, I dreaded it. I didn't and still don't have anything to look forward to. I dread things that I have to do for the masters program, especially presentations, but it is the only thing that I can think of that can make a difference for my future. I am alone. I dont have family to talk to about it. Instead, they ask me for money and get ****ing mad at me because it is not the amount they wanted, so I took it back until we talk, needless to say, they won't be very supportive. I am struggling trying to put myself through classes and now this. I am afraid. What if I don't get better? What if I get worse? What if I become dependent? I am scared. Im asking myself, what if it is just me? What if I can get better on my own? What if one day things work out for me? I don't know. I say I want to try things, but not motivated to do anything that isn't required, shoot even the requirements take a lot out of me. Can anyone share their experience with antidepressants? Specifically, this one? What did you have to do (e.g. dietary restrictions, work out, etc...)? Long term or short term? Did they help or make you worse? I have not taken it yet. I am scared out of my mind. My family is mad at me and I have no support outside of the medical/counseling field. I'm just scared.
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I didn't help me but it helps some, I wouldn't worry about getting addicted sorry about your family just try to focus on your well being and hopefully they will come around.

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Zoloft is really good. https://www.socialanxietysupport.com...ne-ssri-84099/ I've been more of a Prozac lover and when taking Zoloft I started feeling weird, because well, it felt different. I was much more self conscious and not as numbed out. I gained some weight, ate too much. It did help alot with college, I was outgoing, clean cut, was able to participate in group work and even present. It makes you feel good, but if it doesn't you can always try Prozac or the others. One thing Zoloft gave me was headaches and some sort of violent thoughts I never experienced on Prozac. But that's just me, everyone is different. What I can really say truly is that being dependent on medication even if it is short term is much better than being dependent on the way things are going right now. Like who cares, **** you depression, let me live. Don't be afraid, or maybe you're afraid because you know you will get better, that's normal. Ahh I felt so good socializing on Zoloft and Prozac, and I'd also take risks and do shopping and just make all these goals and decisions and really do things.

You should check out Reddit, it's very nice there, so many nice people and completely anonymous, look how much information you can find here and even ask your own questions and your own answers. I mean, jesus christ! This place is amazing! Ahh I never been so high. https://www.reddit.com/r/zoloft/

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All I remember is that it gave me night sweats. Lifestyle changes and cbt helped me way more.
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Zoloft worked very well for my sister and my uncle.
For me I tried 25 mg I had panic attacks so I stopped it right away
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Originally Posted by Takenout View Post
Zoloft worked very well for my sister and my uncle.
For me I tried 25 mg I had panic attacks so I stopped it right away
Yeah I remember having something like panic attacks too. At the time I didn't know what it was, but you can imagine how freaked out you would be when it feels like you're floating out of your mind and about to faint and explode into nonexistence. And I couldn't even calm the heck down, I just panicked in the living room. I didn't even give Zoloft a chance, I ran back to Prozac for relief. It's weird isn't it, I guess some of my chemistry just doesn't get along well with Zoloft's chemistry.

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With Zoloft, i tried a long time ago, it was the only one that gave me a delusion, that the people in the tv could 'see' me. bad sign
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Took it for a couple of months, did nothing and no side effects either.
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It mad me feel like in a dream state. I took it for depression when i first started my medication journey. I don't know much abut antidepressants but Ive heard many wonderland things about Prozac.
And about your family don't feel bad. You are the most important thing right now, worry about your mental health and try taking care of yourself. Put yourself first and don't worry about getting "addicted". Ive taken many medications throughout almost 10 years and i was never addicted to any. They are necessary for me living my life but i never like physically needed them i can honesty quit whenever i want but i need in my life in terms of just being sane and being able to live my life. Thing will definitely get better through time just help yourself first and if taking medication helps you get by then that's OK too. Whatever you feel is right for you If you ever want to talk to someone you can always send me a message I'm here

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Zoloft did nothing for me.

Paxil worked well for me but my problems were extreme social anxiety and panic attacks, not depression. I have heard of other people who tried Paxil and thought it was awful, so I think finding out what works for any particular person is a bit of a gamble.
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can't say i don't belive in medication for this sort o thing, nor wasting my money on "doctors" for something like this
but then again thats just me

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It was horrible for me. I started taking it years ago on a Monday and I was still awake by Friday; I did not sleep at all that whole week. But we all respond differently to drugs and Zoloft, along with the other SSRI's, are drugs my body just does not like.

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Thank you all for your comments

I didn’t expect it, i appreciate it
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