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Switching from Paxil to Prozac

Good morning all! I am currently on 12.5 MG of Paxil and I was on the way off (started at 37.5), but due to bad brain zaps, I am going on 10 MG of Prozac in addition to the Paxil for 2 weeks, then off the Paxil altogether.

Has anyone done this before? Any risk of Serotonin syndrome with low doses?

Please share experience!
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Paxil was one medication I tried in the past which made me gain about 20 lbs if I recall right and I only trialed it for what I recall was a few weeks and I already had a very bad or awful/terrible feeling side effect while getting back off of it which showed itself to be addictive and then I was scared off of Prozac when somebody told me about how bad and strong a drug it is and that it's for the severely mentally ill or from what I read so I didn't ever try it but I would like to know your experience with it if it's positive because I think actor, Jim Carrey was on Prozac for depression and from what I see, he looks so fine and didn't look overweight and I wish I knew about how it is in general for most people, including me as the drug I'm on is not good for me so I want to switch too but I don't think I could switch until I'm totally off of this one (they're still two different drugs, not exactly the same) in which case I wouldn't need anything. I also would trust older drugs more since they've been around longer and seem less addictive and harmful. I would talk to your psychiatrist about how to switch from Paxil to Prozac and not do it on your own but I don't think you would get serotonin syndrome on those low doses.
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