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I have been irritable and unfocused lately, ready to drop-kick a puppy type anger. I went to see my psychiatrist and he prescribed me Ritalin. I don't have ADHD so its odd for me to take it. I took it today for the first time and I have been a little more pro-active but sleepy (I have a cold so this may be)

Anyone taken ritalin and see it help with focus and decreasing anxiety?
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It kinda makes social situation more rewarding but it sucks compared to normal amphetamine.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, all my advice is based on my own research and experiences.

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Originally Posted by crayzyMed View Post
It kinda makes social situation more rewarding but it sucks compared to normal amphetamine.
Adderall really isn't for everyone. I got the shakes and would get insanely focused on silly things like a wall or would sit down and read a whole novel. I was completely useless on it. Ritalin keeps me able to do work.

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I take a similar medication (Focalin). When I take it I get really self confident and focused on work. It's a big help!
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