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MorsPrincipiumEst 10-15-2015 03:30 PM

Recently started NARDIL, need some advice
I was taking 40mg of celexa and I tapered down and stopped over 2 weeks and started taking nardil. It might have been a bit too quick but SSRI withdrawl is so bad I couldn't handle it anymore and wanted to start nardil to stop the madness. Ive been taking 3x15mg a day for 2 weeks now and I feel very strange. I still am very easily agitated from the SSRI withdrawl and am emotional like almost on the verge of breaking down at any minute then I fight it and it goes away. Ive been getting really angry when something something doesn't work and ive smashed a couple items. It feels like the nardil wants to work, and ive read that it takes 4-8 weeks to kick in. Im wondering if there is any stability in sight? Should I titrate up to 60mg a day after the 4 week mark? Im like 230 pounds, so Im thinking I need a good dosage.

UltraShy 10-15-2015 07:58 PM

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Take benzos to calm down for now.

Don't titrate too fast. After a decade+ on beta blockers, I was able to stop them as the Nardil already lowered my blood pressure.

On June 10 taking 4 Nardil my bp was clearly at dangerously low levels. I could barely move, crawling on bloody knees. I could not stand. I sat in a kitchen chair which I fell out of.

No, there was no benzos nor alcohol in my system, but I was 100% totally disabled.

By July 10 my body had gotten used things enough that I could take 90mg + add back my blood pressure med and that day at my physical my BP was normal.

I'm a bit bigger than you, have a high tolerance for most drug, but 4 Nardil kicked my a**.

Weston 10-16-2015 09:52 PM

Nardil is strange because when it works it kicks in very suddenly from the feeling of no effect to feeling 100% certain it is working. 45 MG is probably too low but give it another week and go to 60. It took 75 mg and 5 weeks to work for me. One of the worst side effects can be weight gain so I would keep that in mind.
Parnate works differently, and is more subtle. I'm taking 20mg of Parnate and it is enough for me to manage. If the side effects are unmanageable Parnate becomes the better option.

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