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My phyciatrist said that the doctor that works there thatll see me is open in 2months. too long for me to wait! I want meds sooner. Can I go to another one, or what can I do if he cant get me in any sooner?
he also said that there arent meds that let you be comfortable talking to people. MAIOs do. ... I think he'll put me on wellbutrin or some ssri like that as my first medicine.
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Re: perscribing

Originally Posted by Britney
MAIOs do. ... I think he'll put me on wellbutrin or some ssri like that as my first medicine.
First, have you taken any meds for anxiety or depression in the past? If not, then you're right that an SSRI is what you'll almost certainly get. That's standard first line treatment.

If you only had depression (without anxiety) and you expressed a concern about SSRI's very common sexual side effects and asked for Wellbutrin which avoids that problem, I'm sure you could get that. Wellbutrin tends not to be used for anxiety, as it's a stimulating med that may lead to more anxiety. It's certainly used in some anxiety patients, but generally in combination with one of more other meds. It would be unusual to see it used alone for SA.

If you're just starting treatment, you're going to get an SSRI no matter who you go to (or perhaps Wellbutrin if you push for that specific drug). Any GP can handle that need and GPs tend not to have two month waiting lists.

Psychiatrists are made for those patients that are too complex or difficult for a GP to handle. Most GPs have never prescribed an MAOI, and most would be afraid to prescribe high doses of benzos, so they unload those patients on psychiatrists who actually have experience with such drugs.
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all valium type meds make it easier to talk to people
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