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shy-one 05-12-2020 04:56 PM

New Nardil site -
I am pleased to announced my new site which is still under construction so keep checking for new info!

The aim of the site is to save lives and free people of this debilitating illness of both depression and social anxiety.

The only way many discover nardil is through word of mouth on online forums such as these ones. My goal is to spread the message of nardil far and wide to help as many people as possible. It is also vital that we have enough people on nardil to ensure its production in the future.

I have a whole section dedicated to nardil success stories, many used from this site: In addition, Ace the nardil legend from Dr-Bob gets a mention.

Ash Pettit 05-21-2020 06:43 PM

Hi There,

I got an Error 403.

Would you like some help with the site? I've done a bit of software development.

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