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Nardil Dosage after 3 weeks

So I have finally found a doctor who doesn`t want to put me on the 6th SSRI and is willing to prescribe me Nardil. Being excited to start it, I do have a question...

He prescribed me 3x15mg for three weeks. After that period, the prescription states I should lower my dosage to 1x15mg a day or even 1x15mg every other day.

This raises questions because I see so many people using up to 90mg even after their start up period. I do see the point in lowering the dosage once complete NAI-inhibition is achieved, but why do so many people keep using these large dosages and is it really required to obtain full benefits ?

I doubt I will be able to get a higher dosage prescribed since this doctor was skeptical already when I asked for Nardil in the first place. I think he prescribed it because I was desperately asking for it and I showed to be well aware of the implications of using a MAO-I.
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That dosing schedule is weird. Drop down to 15 a day??

I believe 45 is the dosage when it actually starts giving therapeutic benefits.
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Most people don't even start at 45 a day. More likely to get side effects faster.

Look up guides on here. Your doctor knows nothing about Nardil, like almost all other doctors. They haven't even heard of Nardil.
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The sequence should be, 15mg's for a week, 30 mg's the second week, and then maybe 45 mg's the second week. I have seen people start on 45 mg's in the first week, and so far the side effects for me are some constipation but thats it.

It's been almost 2 months but it hasnt kicked in yet.
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Here is the manufacturer label:

Initial dose: The usual starting dose of NARDIL is one tablet (15 mg) three times a day.
Early phase treatment: Dosage should be increased to at least 60 mg per day at a fairly rapid pace consistent with patient tolerance. It may be necessary to increase dosage up to 90 mg per day to obtain sufficient MAO inhibition. Many patients do not show a clinical response until treatment at 60 mg has been continued for at least 4 weeks.
Maintenance dose: After maximum benefit from NARDIL is achieved, dosage should be reduced slowly over several weeks. Maintenance dose may be as low as one tablet, 15 mg, a day or every other day, and should be continued for as long as is required.
15 mg is the bare minimum maintenance but one may need to continue at the therapeutic dose indefinitely. This is what is now recommended with other antidepressants. Although you can always give it a try.

Personally I wouldn't go at a "rapid pace", but maybe I am overly cautious.

Of course this isn't the 10 commandments, and it really shouldn't dictate therapeutic use of drugs. That should be up to doctors & patients, and based on professional consensus and evidence. I doubt the FDA guidelines on MAOIs have been updated in a meaningful way since the 60s.

Medication-related posts are for brainstorming purposes only. Talk to your doctor.

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I personally do not care about ruleshas in two weeks I consumed 75mg and I was asleep. But it's okay, I needed to know what the famous Nardil has in the belly.
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