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Nardil anyone ?

So I have recently been reading about nardil and it seems like many of you guys like this medication. I am someone who is a chronic blusher, mind blank during many interactions and have butterlies constantly. These symptoms can Makes me feel incompetent, especially around those at work and girls - I rarely speak to them. I’ve tried a handful of ssris and snris and the only med that has somewhat helped has been pristiq, an snri. Pristiq has given me me a little more confidence to move forward and have hope i can overcome SA, but I’m still socially anxious as hell. I also have adhd and have tried many stimulants, but those don’t do a whole lot especially when you feel anxious you can’t think straight so what’s the point. Cbt has also been helpful too. I know I can take another step forward to improve so I’m wanting to know if nardil is worth it, if my psychiatrist even lets me lol.

A few questions I have about nardil
Do the diet limitations bother you guys?
Is this a med I need to take multiple times a day?
Worste side effects?
Does it cause brain fog or memory issues? Many meds have given me this effect and it’s a pain when you can’t recall anything.

Thanks guys !
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Oh and the price it’s not on my insurance so I’m curious the cost.
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Definitely worth trying. It has eliminated my blushing pretty much 100%.

Not too much brain fog, but my short-term memory isn't great now ... forgetting where I put something down two minutes before, that kinda thing.

The diet is no big deal ... it becomes second nature, and some banned stuff has actually been fine (e.g. takeaway pizza).

I take my 75mg dose all together, in the morning.

Most bothersome side-effects ... weight gain (10kg in three years) and sexual issues similar to SSRIs etc. The sexual sides have lessened with time.

Price ... that depends on where you live. Nardil has become more expensive here in Australia ... $120 for a bottle of 60 15mg pills. So my five pills a day set me back $360 each month.

To sum up ... if you're able to access Nardil, try it!! For me it's been so effective for my SA (and depression) that the unwanted effects and restricted diet are nothing in comparison.
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