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Marijuana dependency

Should I just taper my use with indica? I don't wanna smoke everyday. I have cravings for it though. Indica helps with my anxiety and insomnia. Sativa makes me put extra work in and wakes me up in the morning. I just don't want to make unwise choices, continue bad habits and I'm looking for good advice. Any sort of reply should be helpful. Thanks.
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You should attempt to put an end to the smoking. I've actually been depending on it for a while, at one point I did do it daily. Now lately it seems like when I'm not on it I feel even worse. Try to find another treatment, I know I'm trying to.
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I just realized there is no need to be addicted to anything, whatever. The feeling of need is what guides. For example, the next big thing for me is to find a home, I just don't feel like it can happen easily enough for me to endure the suffering. I mean, there are places to go. What if I miss time. It takes a bus and a train to get to a place I might live. There is planning to be made, and plans can go wrong, or missed altogether. And I might end up in a worse place than I am now, which could last longer.

I am utterly alone and only fear company from curious onlookers who have no real intention of investment in my person.

I should add, what will you replace your habit with once you are irritable and discontent? I am unsure there is anyone to apologize to to make myself feel better, but if any of my friends would like my help I'd love to. Like, rather.

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Thanks. Yeah. Attachment leads to suffering. Yet I have a hard time letting go.
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18years old, and in the internet era. Do you not google how Marijuana effects the undeveloped brain?

Hello Darkness my old friend... I've come to talk with you again.

V1bzz:- Nardil is here to help us understand what it is to be old people

What's Dr. Stahl say?

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yeah bro if you wake up to then its prolly time to take a little rest break and see where you stand.
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Its like any other addiction in this world. When you start abusing it, it starts abusing you.

I smoked ganja for 10 years, 7 of these, I smoked it like the normal person smokes cigarettes. That's when it became really detrimental to my mental health.

People who haven't had bad experiences with ganj, are either in denial or they haven't abused it. Its one of the two in my experience.

My advice - come off it completely. I came off it for 2 years, it took at least 12 months for me to feel like there was a slight change in my mentality. I didn't think it was enough of a change to blame the ganj for exaggerating my anxieties. So I waited a while longer, then I went back on it, and it wasn't until then, I realised exactly what it done to me and how much it did affect my mentality and exaggerate my anxieties x100. It's bad news....if abused

I'm off it again, and now seeing and feeling a massive difference. I think I was part of the 'weed denial group' for a long time. If I hadn't have went back on it to see what it really does to me, then I would still be in denial. The first week is the hardest to come off it, after that, you're laughing, 7 days isn't a long time. You can do it
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Do whatever makes you happy and gets you through your limited years before death.
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