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Lyrica (pregabalin)

I was lucky enough to try this and was astounded by its affects on my anxiety, i was totally relaxed in work and college for the entire duration. I am aware that it can be prescribed for GAD but wonder could it be approved for SAD? Has anyone else had any experience with this drug?
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Many ppl report a very positive experience with lyrics, it never worked for me but it wont be too hard to get a doc prescribe it to you.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, all my advice is based on my own research and experiences.

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better than benzos in some cases (high doses), more side effects in some cases, and just as hard to get off in some cases.

WARNING: With a name like Dangerous why would you ever take medical advice from me?
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Isn't it an epilepsy med? how often is it used for other things like social anxiety?
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In the United Kindom where you live, they are approved for general anxiety disorder, but you probably wouldn't know that because you don't have stupid TV commercials breathing down your throat telling you to ask you're doctor for everything under the book.

Sorry for that tangent, but I just read that as far as industrialized countries goes, america, and new zealand (which is reducing the amount) are the only two counties who allow this kind of direct advertising from the pharmaceutic companies.

It doesn't help either obviously because were 2% of the population and consume more than 80% of all pharmaceuticals. And we are less healthy than those who don't by far in a lot of cases. (something like ranked 40 on length of life)

But yeah, Lyrica is a powerful anti anxiety med used in high doses, and is used for anxiety off label in America, as gabapentin was used but is way more potent, and powerful than gabapentin. I have experienced horrible withdrawl symptoms I wouldnt be suprised as if it hits some of the same areas in the Brain as a Benzo, but must be different as I can not feel benzo's no matter how much I take, the same way as I could before. But, with Lyrica just take a couple day breaks and you can feel it again (if you take it everday its going to build up very fast and become useless for anxiety)

WARNING: With a name like Dangerous why would you ever take medical advice from me?
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