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Lithium for antidepressant augmentation???

No, I am not bipolar unfortunately I just get lows. But, I am at the end of the ropes here, having suicidal thoughts, and read that lithium augmentation increases the effects of antidepressants and act as against suicidal tendencies/ thoughts.

I just had some prescribed today and am debating taking it. I pretty much self prescribed it as my psych dont prescribe me meds I have to ask for them (he don't say much at all)

I asked for Nardil but he said I had to wait 2 weeks, because he was prescribing me amphetamine so I need a wash out I guess.

Nardil was the only med that seemed to do something for me, but it came at a big cost. It forever altered my metabolism and made me gain weight so quick that I broke out with deep red horrific stretch marks on almost all parts of my body (biceps, legs, stomach, back)

I am debating whether I want to take that again because Lithium is supposed to cause added weight gain also. I don't want to fvck my body up more than it is already is, I used to think I looked good, and the weight + stretch marks has messed up my self esteem. Also I have elevated liver enzymes and isn't nardil rough on you liver, almost all warnings say something about not taking if you have liver conditions or it can cause liver conditions..

So, now I am thinking Parnate which I haven't gave a shot yet (one of the few) because there is not much reported wieght gain. But, I am worried with that is the insomnia that most people report after taking it.

Also, I am trying to come off benzo and trying parnate sounds a little harsh if you are going to be in the middle of benzo withdrawal.

I dont know I guess my questions is what do think about the benefit of lithium for anti d augmentation, is it worth it?

And does anyone know what combo of med I should try, or what they would try? I am willing to try almost everything (if I haven't already) and my psych is willing to prescribe.

WARNING: With a name like Dangerous why would you ever take medical advice from me?
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Originally Posted by Dangerous View Post
No, I am not bipolar unfortunately I just get lows.
What?! Consider yourself very fortunate!!!

Originally Posted by Dangerous View Post
I asked for Nardil but he said I had to wait 2 weeks, because he was prescribing me amphetamine so I need a wash out I guess.
I am as of today taking both Nardil AND amphetamine (Dexedrine). My pdoc says it's fine as long as you're careful and start with a low dose. Feels like a really nice combo so far. What type and dose of amphetamines are you currently on, btw?

I also think that when combining the two, the amphetamine will likely more than offset the potential weight gain with Nardil, which is a plus.
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From the issues I see you raised, I would think lamictal might be preferable. The way I understand it is that lamictal 'smooths out the lows', whereas something like lithium limits both the depressive and, particularly, manic moods (which you said you don't have).

Lamictal allegedly has less sexual and weight (gain) side effects than lithium or other mood stabilizers. It is something you might want to ask your doctor about.

fyi, I have been on lamictal for a month now-- just leveled off at the 100mg dose (where I will be staying)-- and have found it quite good for relieving depression. I have found that I have been on this board less over this time-- which I see as being strongly correlated to how I am feeling. The only real side effect I would say is that sex drive might be lessened a bit, but that has also rebounded over time.

Some might say its (and other similar meds) actions are too widespread in the brain or not fully understood, so take your time in finding something you are comfortable with.
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