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Lexapro vs Zoloft comparison

has anyone been on both Lexapro and Zoloft and can tell me his comparison between these 2 SSRIs ?

i've been on Lexapro for almost 3 years at 10mg dose and it did help a lot with my depression but not with SA and lack of motivation to do anything.
so i switched to zoloft 100mg exactly 1 week ago and im not sure what to think of it. i was hoping it would give me some motivation push (even slightly) since i've read it has weak dopamine reuptake action and its FDA approved for SA.
i also tried paxil before and gave it 2 months before switching back to lexapro because it made my depression worse and totally annihilated my libido, was really bad med for me.

anyone can compare lexapro and zoloft from his experience ?
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Tried most of SSRIs and the rest..

Zoloft, made me feel "like being in a bubble". It was abit weird, because as you said, the dopamine effect should help againt the "emtional flattning"...

But na... However, i also have like a phobia of spiders, and while being downstair, napping on the sofa, one arm hanging down, i woke up, having a spider cravling on my arm...

I didn't smash it/kill it, i just picked it up and lett it out on the back...

So it does mess with ones mind.. Helping for panicattacks/disorder or such. ehh for some...

On Lexapro i didn't feel much, i did get a mood boost every 5mg increase, that lasted for 3days, but then when i reach max dose.... Wasn't much of a help...

You can still augment the Zoloft with other kinds of meds, for effects...

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