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Does Lexapro work for most people? My doc said it'll take a week for it to work but another md told me it could be a few months. I was prescribed it for anxiety
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Reason is that it takes somewhat 2hours until its all out in you blood, and starts working... With Serotonin signaling increasing, stresshormones and Noradrenalin signaling decreases. And that works pretty fast, but to restore or be normal it can take weeks.

So it is to find the right dose... Me myself and other have felt a "lift" when incrising the dose, from on step to another, think it is 5mg at a time...

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Lexapro is known to start working quicker than some other ssri's n also have fewer side effects, it can start working from a few days to a couple of weeks, then depending if for example 10mg is enough for u, then that's it and its working, but if u need to go up to 20mg it will take longer because u will have to go up by 5mg and then in another week go up again by 5mg and then about a week till your stable on that higher dose I'm on it myself (10mg) and I felt no side effects (except some night sweats n vivid dreams)

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I took lexapro for a little while. It help some (not much, but it's better than nothing). I wanted to be on a stronger dosage because my therapist started me out on 10mg (I think. Or maybe it was 5mg. Needless to say, it wasn't enough), but my parents didn't want that. Eventually, I got off of it and stopped therapy because I was doing better, but now I'm depressed and very anxious again :/
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