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Lamictal (lamotrigine) and Adderall: Anyone on this combo?

I'm a bipolar 2 sufferer with ADHD. I'm still currently titrating to therapeutic levels of lamictal (lamictin here in South Africa) and my mood is stabilizing. However, I still find I have trouble with executive function: concentration, memory, task completion, etc.

I'm gonna chat to my pdoc about going on a stimulant. Does anyone here have experience with lamictal and adderall, or any other ADHD meds?

Would love to hear your stories. And also, how has ADHD meds made you feel in general?

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Yes, I was on that combo while I was titrating up my dose of lamictal because my depression was so severe and my p-doc and I didn't want me to end up at the psych ward due to severe depression. I was also pretty much in bed all day from being so depressed. I went off adderall once I got to 150 mg of lamictal to see if my depression would/had improve(d) enough without the stimulant. I'm still pretty depressed so I'm doing to raise the lamictal dose again to 200 mg and If I'm still not getting enough relief I'll ask about going on dex-amphetamine for occasional use. I have some ADHD-I symptoms but treatment resistant depression at this point is the worst thing.

As for lamictal and a stimulant. There was no problem, I've heard of many people on this combo. The Lamictal doesn't have any effect on the stimulant and vice-versa. I had the most relief from depression as I've had in probably a decade. Since I can generally function just on lamictal I'd only like a stimulant for as needed use, some days are still really bad.

good luck with the lamotrigine, it's subtle but it has been a god-send for me after every psychatrist I saw refused to even imagine that I have bipolar II. Even though just about everyone in my family has bipolar, none of the p-docs would listen to me and just gave me a river of SSRI's. I did try Seroquel, which is just plain awful, Lamotrigine kicks ***** for bipolar.
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