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Klonopin and craving alcohol?

Lately, I've had this lurking, troubling craving for alcohol - or at least this is what I feel may be happening. I can't be too sure of what a craving for alcohol really feels like - since I've only taken a drink a few times in my life, and neither of these rare episodes led to any problems.

To make a long story short - I've had problems in the past (which still continue to come and go) with yielding to a craving to sniff rubbing alcohol - which I've roughly attributed to a form of Pica. (Pica is a craving for "weird" substances that's primarily due to an iron deficiency. Usually Pica involves a craving to eat some "unusual" thing, such as dirt - but my form of Pica seems to involve intense desires to sniff things like rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover.) Well, several months ago I bought a bottle of Vodka - not for drinking, but for a completely unrelated purpose - and, when I sniffed the bottle, I was surprised to find out that it smells pretty similar to my "beloved" rubbing alcohol. This set off "quiet" alarm bells in my head - and it seems as though I had to suppress immediate cravings to "sample" the Vodka in the traditional way. Since then - and recently, it seems as though I have this "quiet" craving for alcohol - which I worry will become more powerful and irresistable. It's unusual to have a craving for alcohol when you've barely even touched the substance, isn't it?

I'm wondering if this has anything to do with my Klonopin use. Maybe Klonopin works on the same "receptors" in the brain as alcohol does? And I came across a webpage in which someone claimed that s/he developed an alcohol problem on Klonopin - which disappeared after s/he tapered off the Klonopin. I believe this was the same person who said that his/her psychiatrist told him/her that a certain dose of Klonopin was equivalent to a "shot" of Vodka.

Has anyone had a "lurking" alcohol problem that was "unleashed" by Klonopin? Does anyone find that your drinking has gotten worse on Klonopin, or have you developed a "curiosity" about alcohol while on Klonopin?

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There's a cross tolerance between Klonopin and alcohol as they "work" on the same receptor system (GABA). Alcoholics often become addicted to Benzodiazepines.
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