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I bought paroxetine

Hello everybody, it been a long time since i came here...

well i just want to hear your opinion on whether or not to take paroxetine. I saw my doctor today and he prescribed it for me and also referred me to see the psychiatrist. The thing is i'm scared to take this cuz i might get dependent on it forever, and also get side effects. Its also not a long term solution to my roblem. Also I just want to ask u do u think i should wait to see my psychiatrist first so he can see my SA problem first and go from there?

With christmas coming up i was really hoping this med can help me have a good time this year...
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benzos are the safest way for A SA sufferer to have a happy xmas

we SA sufferers do best starting an antidepressant at a low dose and slowly working up
since the dose range is 20 to 50 I would split the tablet and start at 10 for a week, taken just before bed

I think books on overcoming SA and doing a public speaking course would be a better investment than seeing a psych
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Originally Posted by arthur56
benzos are the safest way for A SA sufferer to have a happy xmas
I think you need to watch what you say on this board, as not everyone agrees with you and this is really an unfair statement to make. This isn't the first time someone has disagreed with one of your posts, especially when it comes to medication.

I have been on Paxil and find nothing wrong with taking it. It may not be a good long-term solution for those of us who do not want to be taking it forever, but the point is to see it as something that will help us CREATE a long-term solution that involves desensitization and routine.

What dosage are you on? The key to taking an SSRI is making sure you have the right dosage, and patience. You usually won't see results for a few weeks, if at all. Side effects are another issue. But they DO work, for many people (including myself). I hope to one day ween off them; many anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds are addictive, especially benzos, if not used wisely. Despite the tendency to develop withdrawal symptoms when weening off an SSRI such as Paxil, when done correctly, getting off the medication is relatively easy.

Good luck with it, and please be sure to post your results with it. Just remember to be patient.

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You can do this!
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Yes, you would become dependent on paroxetine. It's not our job to tell you whether to take it or not. We can tell you all about our responses, what *we* would do, what research has shown, etc. One has to be careful about giving outright medical advice contradicting a prescribing physician.

Medication-related posts are for brainstorming purposes only. Talk to your doctor.

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Thanks for the replies

I still haven't opened the medication bottle yet because I am still undecisive. itsmemaggi: its 20mg dosage. There's a lot of factors to think about. I have a bf so sexual side effects are a concern. The fact that i can't let my parents know are another. Money is an issue too. Now it costs me $6, but when i'm out school and have no insurance plan its gonna cost a lot more.

But I was thinking, and I need ur opinions on this, maybe I can take this for a year and see how it goes. The next year is particularly important for me to change cuz I'm planning to be a school mentor, volunterring, go to job interviews, etc, etc. I dont think i can do any of that with my SA problem. A year later i can ween it off if possible and then perhaps find another solution. Is this a stupid idea?
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I decided not to take Paxil and take the benzo clorezepam instead. It was actually hard to get my doc to prescribe it to me, but I just explained I can't bear the side effects of paxil and I just need something else to take until I see my therapist. I heard a lot of good things about it from this board and i like how i can take it whenever I need to. Side effects are not as serious as Paxil, just supposedly sleepiness and addiction.

I took a 0.5mg dose of clorezepam today but for some strange reason it had no effect on me. I was at my bf's house all day and i expected myself to be talkative and talk to his family but that hasn't happened. However, I did take an afternoon nap which i usually don't do. It could be that boring movie I watched that put me to sleep though. But other than that, I feel pretty awake.

Do I need to double the dose or something to make it work for me? or is that considered overdosing and dangerous?
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Try taking 1mg. You fell asleep because of the clonazepam.

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