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Have any of you guys tried CBD oil?

I've heard and read that CBD oil can work wonders for people who suffer with anxiety. It also has little to no side effects which is a plus. I have yet to try it. Are any of you guys on it or have tried it? Does it help?
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I havent but i would say just try it if cheap enough, as it probably helps some but does nothing for others
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I bought some to try recently. It does seem to help. I definitely feel much calmer when I use it.

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Yes, I have tried CBD oil & it works for me. I have pain issues & sleep issues. After I started using CBD oil my pain is hardly an issue now & I my sleeping issues are totally gone. I would highly recommend CBD oil for a good health.
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No but I'd like to, way too expensive though so I just buy weed.

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I wanted to keep my mind open since lots of prescription meds don't have any beneficial effect on me, but after my first--and last--experience with an online supplement (non-CBD related), I don't really trust such things. :/

With all my health issues it'd probably be a bad idea to try anything without a doctor's input, anyway. Everything seems to interact with everything else. (And I don't want to try anything illegal.)

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I must send off for some of that one of these days - I'm okay atm though as I know a GP with "a good writing hand" - as a mate of mine used to say. He may as well hand out a bloody menu when you walk in the door.
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I did but it didn't work for me. Others said the same thing too..
My doctors had me try it.....

but for some it has been a life saver...from what I've read online..and some friends who use regularly
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No, but high CBD low THC indica medical marijuana strains can help in my experience. Probably cheaper and more effective than CBD oil? Not totally sure though.
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Would love to try that, is it something you smoke out of a vape.

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