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DeafBoy36 12-11-2009 11:32 PM

Extreme Frustration with Klonopin and Social Anxiety Disorder
hey everyone,

this is SeattleGuy35 using new screenname cuz I have forgotten my password. Yeah it has been a while.

I recently realize that I have a problem with Social Anxiety Disorder becuase every time I go out to any important social events, I have to take Klonopin in order to function. Without Klonopin, my anxiety skyrockets to the moon. The problem is that whenever I am on Klonopin, I tend to get more drunk more easily and black out more easily. That doesn't happen when I am not on Klonopin. I hate that! Anyone else have that issue?

It sucks. I'm starting to realize that social anxiety disorder is indeed a mental illness because as I get older, I get more handle on my anxieties, but it's never gone. It's always there. It's truly mental illness. It is. I hate the idea of depending on Klonopin, but I may have to be. I have been on SSRI/SSNI. Never again. EVER.....So, Klonopin it is.

Yeah I sound a bit depressed knowing that I have to live with this disorder for rest of this life. It's a mental illness, period.


I look forward in hearing from you all..

jim_morrison 12-11-2009 11:47 PM

Klonopin reacts with alcohol, so yeah you will get drunk more easily and black out more easily, so be careful.

meyaj 12-12-2009 02:11 AM

You're an old member on this site and just recently realized that you have a social anxiety problem? :con

But yeah... join the club. Hopefully for you it doesn't snowball into other mental disorders like it has for me... chronic depression, generalized anxiety disorder, avoidant personality disorder, etc (plus I've got ADHD-I). I understand way too well the hopelessness and helplessness that result from the realization that you are going to be struggling with this **** for the rest of your life... and that you'll probably never be truly "normal: in that sense.

Try not to let it get you depressed though, there are still treatments available that can really improve your problems, even if they don't necessarily cure them. Many people are born with all sorts of different obstacles, and the best you can do is play the hand you're dealt to the best of your abilities. Coming from somebody who deals with so many mental issues every single day (even apparently considered to be the most serious mood/anxiety disorders outpatient at the local hospital's mental health clinic), I realize just how pervasive and unrelenting they can be. Essentially, you ARE your mind, and you never get a break from it, nor can you ever really escape from it.

Unfortunately, despite all the miracle advances being made in other fields of medicine, psychiatry, by the sheer complexity of what they're dealing with, don't have the same level of refinement regarding treatment options or even diagnostic features. The diagnosis isn't based on anything physical - it's based on a patient's self-reported history and if you grow up like I did from a relatively young kid with all these mental disorders, it's hard enough to communicate my problems as a lot of the time I just happen to assume it's normal behavior.

As far as the drinking goes, that shouldn't be a problem at all. I don't know quite how old you are, but unless you're being pressured to keep up with your friends/peers, just ignore tham and drink less when you're on klonopin... it's very dangerous to go overboard.

k0mnatad0t 12-12-2009 05:04 AM

You have to be careful, d00d. Too many people die from mixing benzos and alcohol. I've combined the two a handful of times but only enough to get a nice buzz going.

Next to dying, blacking out is the failest of all fails.

RockiNToM 12-12-2009 05:41 AM

Do you have to drink alcohol while on them? Can't you just drink some soda or something? If not, like meyaj says, drink less.

DeafBoy36 12-12-2009 08:20 AM

Thanks for your replies :)

I have had social anxiety for years...always felt it as a disorder, but recently with my social anxiety experiences, started to realize that it's really mental illness because no matter how hard I try, it's ALWAYS there and medications and therapy both can't get rid of it. So finally I can accept that it's mental illness and I have to live with it rest of my life. My anxieties are much better than when I was a teenager. During that time, it was pretty it's a "NAGGING chronic moderate thing".

It's like I have to keep constant watch on my anxieties to be sure that it won't skyrocket to the moon. Frustrating feeling.

I am going to stop taking Klonopin on days when I know I'll be hanging out with my friends at bars. I'll resume Klonopin on days when I don't go to bars (weekdays). That way I won't be more buzzed than necessary or black out.

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