Does your pdoc require an office/telehealth visit every 3 months for clonazepam? - Social Anxiety Forum
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Does your pdoc require an office/telehealth visit every 3 months for clonazepam?

Does your pdoc require an office or telehealth visit every 3 months for clonazepam? He will give a 30 day prescription with 2 refills, but then says I have to have another visit with him for another refill. He says it's because it's controlled, and the "new prescription every 90 days" is the law (U.S. Federal law I guess, or maybe Arkansas state law). Does your pdoc do this, or will they endlessly refill clonazepam without an office visit?
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They do this a lot just so they can bill you for a session and make bank. There's really no need. They even do it for stuff like SSRIs sometimes. I had one doc that would only give me like 30 pills and want me to make an appointment for a refill. I feel like a visit once every 6 months should be sufficient.

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The law is 30 days worth with five refills (six month supply) is the max on a schedule 4 controlled substance. Or at least it used to be.

All the years I was on various benzos in the past they made me come in every month to get a prescription for that month only with no refills. It's a good way for them to rack up money for office visits because what else are you gonna do?
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