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doc wont prescribe Propranalol

So i went to the Doc on Monday to ask for anxiety meds. Specifically Propranalol (i've read it can help with blushing problems - tho i only told him i wanted it for anxiety (as i was blushing)). He said he'd never heard of it used for SAD and wouldnt prescribe it. Said some **** about it possibly causing heart problems if its stopped suddenly.

Instead he wanted to put be on Zoloft. I told him I was on it for several years at one point and it didnt help. He also wouldnt prescribe Klonopin....I ended up getting a script for .25 Xanax. I haven't had a chance to get it filled (doing that tonight). I'm not very hopeful.

I guess i'll have to make a shrink appointment to try and get the Propranalol. Hopefully the shrink will prescribe it. Last time i tried to make an appoinment it was a 4-6 week wait with all of the ones that take my insurance. I was really hoping to avoid this by going to a regular doc.

Very frustrating.

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Find a new doc...
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that doc is totally hopeless and almost any other doc will be better, just ask for any beta blocker med

I wouldnt bother with a shrink, they seldom help much and an ordinary doc can prescribe the same meds
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Originally Posted by crayzyMed View Post
Find a new doc...

while its true doctors are very knowledgeable and "know what's best", i think that it's important for them to at least take your opinions and suggestions into consideration. plus he sounds a little old-fashion to me.
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Your doctor is shouldn't be practicing medicine...and .25 Xanax...really?

I guess I'm just spoiled because my current doctor has prescribed me everything that I've asked for, without question. I would just try another GP; he will most likely not hesitiate to prescribe you it, and probably would rather do that than prescribe a benzo.
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I got tired of waiting for an apt with a shrink. The ones who accept my insurance either aren't taking new clients or have a 2 month wait...

So i've been trying regular docs.

after 3 docs and 2 scripts for xanax (which doesn't help me at all with the physical symptoms, i.e blushing) I finally got a script for Inderal. I had to tell him it was for migraines. Ironically, i was on inderal for migraines as kid and still deal with them occasionally, so it wasn't hard.

I got 60mg long acting. My question is....can i break these in half and/or chew them to make them faster acting? I'd only like to take them as needed instead of daily.

I was also given Treximet samples (sumatriptan 85mg / naproxen 500mg) for the "migraines" to take as needed. Is this of any use for SAD??

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Xanax is stronger than Klonopin.

I don't think Treximet would have any effect on anxiety.
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the effect of breaking of long acting tablets varies, you will need to ask a pharmacist, preferably the 1 who prescribed it

all valium type meds are about the same, it all depends on the dose, about 1mg of xanax is usually needed for extreme anxiety or panic

xanax and your beta blocker go well together

remember to relax and to breathe deep and slow when anxious avoid tensing up or fighting back
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Originally Posted by vulgar View Post
Xanax is stronger than Klonopin.

I don't think Treximet would have any effect on anxiety.
yes but Xanax has more side effects and is the most addictive
you know some people gain lots of weight on it and get very moody
i have tried most benzo's but will not touch xanax as for one, the docs here in new zealand will not prescribe it and two, the feedback and reviews are nt so flash, its like a pringle "once you pop you can't stop" or so i am told

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The xanax definately relaxes me....but it makes me feel ****ed up....which isnt what i need at work (where i experience most of my anxiety). In social situations I can't see how it would be any better than having a few drinks....which is what i do now. I'll save it for those non-drinking occasions i suppose. I take tramadol for back has a similar effect but is supposedly non addictive. I've had the same script for a year....havent had any back pain since i started lifting weights so theres no need to take it.

I have no interest or desire in taking xanax recreationally. I'm more of a pothead anyway.

But anyway....back to my questions.

1.Can i break up the long acting Inderal for faster effect
2. Does the Treximet have any use for they physcial anxiety symptoms? (i.e. shaking, blushing). Its not a Beta Blocker but does constrict blood vessels like Inderal does.

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