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Carbamazepine + Tianeptine seems the best combo for my Social Anxiety.

Warning ! Long text , possible mistakes since my english its not my primary language,if you're not patient read the last rows.

Like title say,i discovered this combo recently on my own,since i have left some Carbamazepine pills and i recently re-begin my Tianeptine (Stablon) treatment.

Carbamazepine also known as Tegretol is an anti-convulsant used to treat seizures,now the interesting part its " Carbamazepine is a sodium channel blocker.[28] It binds preferentially to voltage-gated sodium channels in their inactive conformation, which prevents repetitive and sustained firing of an action potential. Carbamazepine has effects on serotonin systems but the relevance to its antiseizure effects is uncertain. There is evidence that it is a serotonin releasing agent and possibly even a serotonin reuptake inhibitor "

At begining i used it for sleep aid,my doctor prescribed it for me,it didn't really help with that,i usually don't need sleep aid meds because i can sleep on my own,but when i was on SSRI (Zoloft) i was a mess.

I used to have ocassionally drinks with friends last summer,and i usually have wrost hangovers the next day like sky-rocket anxiety and tremors,so this made me to try Carbamazepine as an aid or to avoid the symptoms of hangover after a heavy night drink,this after i done a bit of research,and read some studies,usually i treated my "hangxiety" with Ativan or Diazepam,but since benzodiazepines are habbit forming i try to avoid them as much as i can.
So in one day after an heavy drink, i decided to try one pill of Carbamazepine (200mg ) it did take away the symptoms but not good enough,then i quickly reminded myself that on those studies about Carbamzepine used to treat Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome,the doctors used the dose range up to 800 mg per day for 7 days with an slowly taper each day,like in the second day they reduced the dose to 600 mg then 400 and so on.
So i found a quite good spot for me,400 mg aka two pills per day for two days or more would get my anxiety / shakiness away and i would barely feel any of "hangxiety" symptoms, i can even drink over Carbamazepine and don't have any problems the next day,yet the drunk effect is a bit weird on Carbamazepine, i usually tend to not over do it again.

Now since in some days im quite iritable and anxious,even on Tianeptine mono-therapy,i decided recently to try to add Carbamazepine along with Tianeptine,and the effects was unexpected to be honest.its seems that Carbamazepine boost the Tianeptine effects when taken together,i get a nice euphoria feeling and anxiety its at bay most of the day, i also feel so confident and more prone to get out and talk to people and feel in general calm when i talk to them,i hardly fall into a panic attack like i usually do when im on just Tianeptine or off-meds.

So 200-400mg of Carbamazepine per day along with 12.5 mg of Tianeptine taken three times per day (12.5 x 3) seems the best way to go when i really feel at the edge or i have to go in some places where my anxiety would sky-rocket , or if i drink ocasionally and "hangxiety" kicks in the next day,the Carbamazepine its the new "benzo" for me.

However i do not tend to take Carbamazepine over a longer period of time every day, because of its awful one side effect, slight numb tongue along with an metal taste,at 400 mg, no others side effects observed in my case.

TLR : Carbamazepine seems to lower brain activity via voltage sodium channels,decreasing the anxiety indirectly / reducing chances of panic attacks,and when combined with Tianeptine its seems to boost the Tianeptine terepautic effects,with result in even less anxiety levels, + a nice euphoria when you dose Tianeptine.

And i almost forget,Carbamazepine will reduce the effects of others meds like benzodiazepines, and it was found effective in treating along with Alcohol Withdrawals , Benzodiazepines withdrawals too.

If you have any questions just ask
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