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Came off Effexor , tried Zoloft. Now Celexa , should I have given Zoloft more time ?

I was on Prozac for 4 years. They switched me to Effexor xr. Been on that for 9 years. Worked ok till about 4 months ago. So I came off the Effexor cause I didn't want to increase my dose being that's one of the hardest ones to come off of and it was just working ok. So I weaned of Effexor for about 2 weeks into Zoloft. First 12.5 and then to 25 for like 2 days. Well I was having some stomach upset and when I went up to 25 I had the worst diarrhea ever. Like water for half the day and night. So I stopped the Zoloft thinking it was that. Then the doctor told me maybe try Celexa. So now I have been on a very low dose of that for a week. Went to 5mg last night and had naseau and a little bit of stomach issues this morning with really bad fatigue. Sorry tmi. So now I'm looking back and I was feeling a little better on the Zoloft after the first couple of days of feeling zombified started subsiding. I thought maybe it was too stimulating for me but now being on the Celexa at night it causes me weird visual zombie feelings. And I'm really tired but my brain won't shut off. Now I'm thinking I should stuck out the Zoloft to see if maybe the stomach issues passed. I'm so confused. I want my anxiety to go away but I don't want to feel like a zombie and be so tired. Also I have felt kinda depressed the last couple of days but I think that's just because of all the medication switching. Ugh I just want to feel good again. Should I stick it out on the Celexa or go back on the Zoloft. I can't see my psych till next week. As far as what I'm sure he will say. He hasn't really cared about what meds I wanted to try. He also said maybe I should have went back on Prozac because it worked before and after not taking it for so long it could have worked again. I have been struggling to not pay so much attention to my thoughts and feeling annoyed by them. I just hate this waiting period. I'm now obsessing about how I feel all the time. I don't remember having to wait so long for an effect with the Prozac or the Effexor. And now I'm not sure what was a witndrawal from the Effexor or startup from the Zoloft. And the doctor said after 5 days the Effexor should have been out of my system. Umm ya but I'm pretty sure I have still been having withdrawal.
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