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anyone tried cycloserine?

If you have any experience with this stuff, please share...I might be getting some soon and I'm interested in how it works, and when i would need to take it for it to be most effective.
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wanted to try bu i couldn't find it.
i think Medline have tried it.

NMDA agonists increase speed of emotional learning. so you should try them only when you would have successfully controlled your anxiety. otherwise, it may worsen your SAD.

many foods(egg,...) are rich in Serine(another NMDA agonist). but i don't know whether it works or not
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I have some. I've only used it a few times though. Only effects from it I noticed were that i started coughing a little. Can't say anything about the fear relearning facilitation. I only took it a few times as I didnt feel that I had enough improvement with meds/therapy to have the reduction in anxiety and social paranoia for it to be effective. I've been learning to think more positively in social situations though, so if the Nardil i'm taking helps with the SA then I will start using Cycloserine again to hopefully make some permanant improvements.
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I have been trying this for about 3 weeks now and the results are impressive. At first it made me kind of anxious when I took it. For the first two weeks I tried to take it once a day before an event where I had to speak to several people
The real turn seemed to be when I started taking it with B6 - then wow - my anxiety was reduced almost to nill. I had a great heightening of mood and lifting of depression as well. I have tried B6 alone before with not such a pronounced effect so it seems there is a synergistic effect.

I know that biologically cycloserine can reduce B6 absorption or bioavailability - I'm not sure the mechanism but I know when taken for TB it is common to take B6 with seromycin (cycloserine).
B6 is a cofactor in several enzymatic steps that result in producton of serotonin GABA and dopamine so alone I'm sure it has mood lifting qualitities - ones that may poop out some as the body gets used to higher doses of B6 due to upregulations - hopefully this wont be the case but in my experience with substrate therapy such as amino acids and vitamin/mineral cofactors often a tolerence is reached and time off is needed.
As stated earlier however, I have used B6 alone before with results nothing like I'm experiencing with both B6 and cycloserine.
I use 250 my capsules so my dose is usually inexact but I poor (bump) a small bit from the capsule into my mouth when I use it - probably resulting in about 25-75mg per use. I take this with 500 -1000mg B6.
Now of course with B6 I have to be wary of developing neuropathy over time with use of 2000mg or greater/day for prolonged period of time so I'm trying to stay under 2000/day and take a few days off. Also, if this regimen does indeed result not only in the immediate effects I'm seeing but long term re-learning and neuroplastic change in reduction of social fear I'm hoping not to have to use it for more than a month and maybe re-visit it from time to time. Ideally I would use this with CBT but my current circumstances do not allow me to be in therapy. I have been using daily affirmations for about 10 min to a half hour however after taking the cycloserine and may also try some hypnotherapy if I can find some good stuff online that I like.
My mood, sociability, confidence and working memory all seem to be greatly improved by this.

Will try to update at a later time.

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Just came across this myself. Sounds like it could be a good alternative to memantine for amp tolerance. Perhaps...

I am currently reposed on a stratum of my own pure abstract awesomeness(cubed)...

Diphenidine and ethylphenidate FTW!

Social anxiety can bite my arse...
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Its very weak stuff; it will accelerate amp tolerance.

Sarcosine; methylene blue; glutamine are far better for FE.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, all my advice is based on my own research and experiences.

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth."

Loving my girl.

Anyone is free to PM me questions or ask my MSN adress.
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I was in the original Boston University study that established it's efficacy. Not sure if I was a control or not, but the CBT worked quite well.
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Originally Posted by crayzyMed View Post
Its very weak stuff; it will accelerate amp tolerance.

Sarcosine; methylene blue; glutamine are far better for FE.
How do you know this? I am trying to find studies on fear extinction involving methylene blue, glutamine or sarcosine but can't find any. cycloserine seems to have a lot of studies on it and is the only one that has studies specifically for social anxiety in humans.
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