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Working with someone way smarter

So when I started uni, I noticed a shift, that the people around are generally a notable step more intelligent than people I'm used to dealing with, in school or work or hobbies.

I'm usually smart enough to be at least average with almost any group, and studying in the field I do, I feel I still have this edge over many of the others (but at this point people have figured what they need to do to perform, so they cope, I would say, many of them better than I do (so being 'smarter' doesn't matter in the end (note that I don't consider myself particularly smart nor do I care about intelligence in general, but due to the topic I have a difficulty of describing it any other way (and couldn't talk about it without.. well.. talking about it) - I don't mean to sound like a self-loving prick which I probably come off as in this, but I generally think everyone has value to add to things. With intelligence I mean the general ease of figuring things out - like how fast and effortlessly you can make a correct judgement about something)).

Of course, as the average has gone up from my previous groups, the before-a-rare occurrence of someone notably smarter than me has become more common - but even with these people, usually, they are close enough to where I operate, that I can still give them a challenge, and add value to the conversation.

Now, I've had the... pleasure..?.... of working with someone way beyond what I can contribute - and it is making me feel kind of worthless.

And I don't want to say anything bad about her - I think she's the nicest person ever, and holy hell is she good (she did a work I tried and couldn't really make much of (well I did get something done, but nothing even close to this), and just with a flick made it into something that's way better than would ever even be expected of us in this particular work.)

And therein lies the problem with this: with someone so smart around, when it's clear that I have nothing to add she couldn't figure out in a millisecond, what worth would it be for me to work with someone like that? With someone being smarter around the boundaries where I can still challenge them, I think it improves us both.

With her, it's a one-sided exchange, where I doubt either one of us gains anything from the other.

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Ah, sweet academics, disillusioned with their own sense of individual achievement. Group work is very poorly constructed to actually develop good teamwork.

Just do what you can and offer whatever services they can offer. Collaborate and share your opinions to the best of your ability. If it doesn't end up being useful that's fine, then the activity was poorly constructed in the first place. If you're paired up with her enjoy your free ride to good grades.
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