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Useless Manager?

Do you have a useless manager?

My workplace have three managers and a service manager.

I report to the most useless one. Let's call her 'B'. She messes around with her best friend 'L' 80% of the day. She delegates almost everything. She swears. She just bosses people around. Just going "do this, do this" and we don't even know what she's referring to.

If I have any issues with 'L' (not that I do) but if I have any complains there is no way I could go to 'B' about it. She will defend and protect her.

And the service manager is close to both of them! So there is no way I can make any complaints about them.

The workplace is like high school. There are cliques and favourites and bullies.
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Eventually, it gets caught. If you have to, and if there is another employee seeing this going on, keep track of events so if you have to file a complaint with another manager, then you have someone who can back you up.

You are a success story waiting to happen!
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My boss is not here in the office half the time and when she is here, her door is closed or she is talking with someone even though she claims she is “always available to talk”. She is not a good communicator, rarely interacts with much of the staff and just is not actively engaged in the day-to-day operations of this office. And she most definitely plays favorites!

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