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Is anyone else underemployed because of social anxiety?

My last job was exam marking for minimum wage. I've also done office work for minimum wage.

I have a bachelors in physics (first class - top 3 in my year) and a masters in nuclear engineering. Never been able to put them to use. Never even had a graduate level job because I get rejected due to a lack of confidence or experience.

Kind of given up. It feels like a trap that I can't wriggle out of.

Confidence at an all time low.
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Well you managed to get an education so that's a plus, it's easily carried, alot of people are underemployed because they couldn't even handle school, (like yours truly) so you're in a better position because of that, I wouldn't feel bad about having to work minimum wage jobs though, anything to help build your confidence is a positive step.

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yeah I've been having minimum wage jobs most of my working life. the ones that paid better didnt last or were too stressful in the end, due to difficult people. I have a university degree and a few other qualifications. but people are too difficult, too exhausting. even when it's just a few co workers. bullied a few times, hardly ever given a chance. discriminated against. the world is dirty and unfair. this is just how it is. I wish I was stronger to get a better job. I just work part time now. my jobs are getting worse and worse it seems. it's such a big part of life... it makes me quite unhappy. if I had a better job I wouldnt have to live here with these dirty idiots. I wish I could afford to live alone. but theres no point in denying it, this is my place in life. at the ****ty end. first world ****ty anyway. it's not so bad, I can just go along through life and it's not that hard most of the time.

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