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Job for an unexperienced 30-year-old guy?

Hey everyone,
I graduated but I never use it and waste my whole youth for nothing. I've never had a real job in my life. I'm scared of work place, relationship with colleagues, meeting at monday, having presentations, go to parties.... so I never experience any jobs in that circumstances. I have only one job since I graduated until now, that is I am a deliverer. It's like Uber or Grab in southeast asia. Freedom any time. But recently my family started complaining about my job and want me to change before too late. They say there's no future and it's not the job for whole life when I'm getting older and health will be weaker. I think they're right but I don't know what to do. I'm gonna freak out thinking of difficulty at new job, new work place... People gonna reject me and treat me like alien. I lack a lot of life experiences, social interactions... I feel like I'm a retarded old man.
What do I do now? Thanks for reading my post. And sorry for my bad english.
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What's a real job ? And nothing is ever wasted, you spend your time how you see fit according to your individual circumstances.

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Job for an unexperienced 30-year-old guy?

apply for back end jobs, operations, junior positions; in the right industry, pay can be decent.

i work in the back end of finance industry now, they didnt even check my references (gave them wrong numbers), but they did check with hr of my previous jobs for basic confirmation that i didnt lie on my resume.

im very antisocial and hate interactions so its possible to get a job . this is my 3rd job over 3 years

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believe in urself
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I know how you feel in some way. Inexperienced, never had a real job, family kind of pushing. I'm currently looking myself. It is hard to find a job that is the right fit when you lack the experience. And also due to social anxiety and a lack of interactions.

I think you have some experience. Driving. I think your family is putting too much pressure on you. Maybe find a job that has a higher pay in the driving job field. That is if you want to drive long distances. You could be one of those people who go to different stores stocking items. You could be one of those people who deliver packages to people's doors. {Not a mailman but the one on the truck.} You can be a mover that drives people's items to their homes. You could also help them physically move their items if you want. You have options.

It is up to you. I guess you will have to invest in yourself and see where you can advance to make some money where you can be able to survive in this world.

Good luck
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