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Extreme anxiety for being late to work.

I work in a place that really doesn't care if your are late, as long as you have the hours (vacation, paid time off, etc) to cover for the time you were late.

Anyways I've come in late countless times and nothing bad has ever happened. The thing is every time I'm in my car waiting to clock in late I get a lot of anxiety.

I don't get much anxiety going into work at a normal time, but if im late my anxiety is so high even though nothing bad ever happened.

I was supposed to clock in 2 hours ago, now I'm 4 hours late because im too anxious to go inside. Anyone else relate?
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Are you clocking in late specifically because of anxiety?

I do get anxiety before work, however I would be in deep trouble if I were to not clock in on time. That being said I don't know what kind of work your do or what your day to day schedule is like. I'm a warehouse worker so I don't get much freedom in that regard.

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I just make the effort to arrive early.

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If your anxiety is heightened going in late maybe it would be beneficial to try to be on time even though it's not strictly required of you. Being done earlier with something that can't be avoided is a huge relief.

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Why don't you make an effort to go into work on time or early?

My previous work was very relaxed. I used to get to work 10-15 mins late. I didn't feel anxious because I always stayed back to make up that time.

Even though I always made up my time, I would only get anxious if I'm over 20 mins late.
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I always leave early so I don't have to worry about it. I'm on salary and don't clock in, but I'd expect a phone call if I was more than just a few minutes late. I usually show up about twenty minutes early to be on the safe side.
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Sounds like an easy resolution just make sure you're not late. In the army there's a good motto to live by "If you're early you're on time, if you're on time you're late".
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