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Am I being a prick?

At work I have a few people that have taken an interest to talking to me, but I only have interest in being friends with one or two of them because we play video games together. I still talk to them all at work and try to initiate conversation, but I am not interested in pursuing a friendship.
One guy took an interest in trying to be my friend out of nowhere. He asks me random questions all the time and had me put my number in his phone. He texts me from time to time, but I don't really see the point in starting a conversation because he only answers with one to two word replies. I went to a party he invited me to, it seems we have zero similar interests.
Another person is at least twice my age and seems to seek me out specifically at work. He has bought me a few gifts which I kind of found off putting and tried to invite me out for drinks, which I declined. He made a note that he's tried to invite me out for several things and I keep declining. Maybe I am misreading the situation and he wants to be friends, but he is probably in his mid 40s, I am a girl in my early 20s.
I think my coworkers think I'm an aloof prick, which I probably am, but I don't want to come off as one. I have trouble sometimes reading social situations and have trouble initiating them too. I just really have no interest in being friends with some of the above people but I don't wanna be a dick about it
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talk seriously with him
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no, you are not. If i were you, I would avoid them or just give a simile to them if i dont find myself into their topics. its impossible to have interest in every person in your life. Good luck! Just be yourself.
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The twice your age guy creeps me out. Why would he do any of that. Not normal behavior. As long as youre amicable and get along with them DURING work hours, that should be enough. You don't owe them anything
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The 40 year old is definitely trying to get in your pants and not picking up on your lack of interest (or worse ignoring it.) You're definitely not a prick for not wanting to date him and you wouldn't be able to be friends with him nor is he really interested in that.

First guy you mentioned kind of just sounds like an extrovert. I've met people like this they just kind of try to befriend everyone regardless if they have anything in common and talk to everyone. They're never going to be that offended if you maintain a certain distance because they have a bunch of other people to talk to.

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