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Never had my own room, poor living conditions

I'm 18 year old guy and I never had my own room. I'm an only child, I live with my parents, in a big, old house. Grandparents used to live here, but they're dead and it's only us three. We use like 3 rooms (I usually use only 2), so there are many empty rooms, which is just so stupid to me. The "main" room is a small kitchen that is also a living room and right next to it there is a bathroom (without toilet). The second room is kind of a hallway that connects the kitchen with boiler room. There is a couch, computer and toilet in this room, and this is the room where I spend most of my time, in front of a computer. I sleep on a coach that can extand to resamle a bed.
When I was younger I didn't really realize how bad my situation was, I was sleeping in the same room as my parents and now I'm sleeping on this couch besides a toilet. I get jelous everytime I go to someone else's house and see how much space, freedom and privacy they have, I have none of that, never had.
I'm introverted, quiet, don't have a lot of friends and maybe the situation that I live in has led me to be that way. I'm afraid to talk to others in what situation I live, because they would find it weird and I can't blame them, I find it weird too, but I have no choice. I'm ashemed of my living conditions, because I believe they could be better if my parents made some better decisions, but we don't have much money either. I'm afraid to invite anyone to my home, because there really isn't anything to show, or anywhere to be really, I can not explain to others how I lived in front of a PC that is next to a toilet and how I sleep on a couch every night.
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If you have extra rooms, why not use them?

I grew up in a similar situation so did want you to know you're not alone - I can relate to the feeling of shame and bereftness. Being denied privacy is deeply violating. (To this day, I refuse to even sleep with romantic partners in the same room).

You are 18 now so the good news is, you have more freedoms to start working towards improving your living conditions.
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