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How to talk with parents?

I recently went to an annual check up at the doctor. They gave me a survey with normal health questions on it. One of them was Do you struggle with anxiety? I marked yes. My doctor told me later that she was going to ask me something. It was about that question. So with my mother in the room she asked me to describe my situation. She was rather broad with it so I didn't know where to begin. I was nervous with my mom in the room. I had tried to discuss my social anxiety issue before, but both of my parents ignored my concerns so I dropped it. Anyways I told her my basic issues with meeting new people and talking and that thing and it went well, even though I got emotional. She asked me a few questions on the intensity of the anxious feelings, such as if I was invited somewhere would I go, or do I have a friend to talk to about the anxiety disorder with, I answered no to both and she concluded that this was something to act on. She came back with a psychologist's contact info for my mom. She has not talked about it since. Both of my parents and I have never sat down and formally discussed this. I don't want to pressure them but I want to show them that I care about treatment. Any guidance is appreciated.
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I think its great that your doctor actually followed through with those questions and brought them to light because our mental well being is just as important as our physical. It may be an uncomfortable conversation but since your mom was there you should tell her that you want to follow through with your doctors orders regarding the psychologist because you think it will be helpful in you being able to have a better quality of life, make friends, and have new experiences. Say that this is something that has been bothering you for a long time and that you need the help to get through it.
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