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Youtube challenge to all

I noticed people on this site being negative and pessimistic. I understand why: it's not exactly an I-won-the-lottery-and-I'm-overjoyed site. But since this is a support group, I changed my personal info because I realized it was too negative.

I think people here tend to have incorrect perceptions about themselves. Some people say others laugh at them or hate them. Others feel invisible. There is such a variety of symptoms...

And don't forget comorbid conditions, like other anxiety disorders, depression, possible psychotic thinking, and personality disorders. These make us all different.

So my challenge to you is to post a short video of yourself (e.g., 5 minutes) to youtube talking about something you know about. Not how much girls or guys hate you. Nothing negative, rather something you know a little about. Then link it to your blog and ask people message you or write in the comment section giving you appropriate praise and constructive criticism. Hopefully this will bring you some insight into how others perceive you.

I did this. (Please check out my video in my blog.) Not many people looked at my video as I thought would, but the responses were more positive than I anticipated. It gave me a little confidence boost, so I went out with some friends yesterday and I had a good time. I was less paranoid and more relaxed. (Thanks to you who commented. You helped me a lot.)

If you do this and you'd like my feedback, PM me and I'll watch your video. I'll tell you positive and negative things I notice. Obviously, I don't really know you, so I can only describe my first impressions - but you might be positively surprised. If you are concerned about your appearance, I can offer the positives I see. If you're curious and there is something seriously unusual about your appearance that you have control over (e.g., over-tweezing your eyebrows), I am not afraid to give you a heads up to help you maximize your physical appeal.

If you're interested, I'm definitely interested. And again, I'm curious what you think of my video... not the content, but how I come across. (Comments about my appearance generally are not what I'm aiming for.) There's no need to watch the whole video.
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