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Your SA experiences

I thought I'd ask this as it regularly happens to me on a daily basis and see how everyone else deals with it.
I caught the bus and it was quite busier than usual so ofcourse I started to freak out. As my stop was coming, my heart started pounding so fast I felt I was going to pass out! Anyway, I got off the bus and as I was walking I got weaker and weaker on my legs. I was in much awkwardness walking down the street thinking of those people are watching me and I was sweating like anything. So I entered a small mall and sat down and took a rest to calm myself down before I could start walking again. I was amazed as how much my hands were shaking.
How do you deal with this when you're in a situation where anxiety starts to take control over your mind/body?
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Re: Your SA experiences

..just pray that it'd be over soon...
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Re: Your SA experiences

The more I freak out.....The MORE I freak out.
It's can take exponential proportions. The only thing that makes me fight back is when the fear of dying kicks in. Then my body reaches its limit and stops to overeact. And when the panic attack is over....My mind starts to overanalyse what just happened for hours, days and even years. I'm trying hard to break that stupid cycle.
But the hardest thing is the fact that SAers realise that the fear is irrational and that pissed me off.The thing is I know i'm freaking out for no reason but I can't figure out why I still act like a psycho.
So frustrating

"If you're going through hell, keep going."
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Re: Your SA experiences

I walked to and from school, it was half mile away. I couldn't handle the bus when I was young.

Maybe try deep breathing. Just remember, panic attacks are terrifying, but they won't kill you and they WILL pass eventually.
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Re: Your SA experiences

Sotc, if i would find myself in such a situation, i would let the anxiety to consume me. Don't know how to describe it better.
As Kanashi said, freaking out about the anxiety feeds it, so you have to give it full power.
It's like a quick sand - the more you fight it, the stronger it gets.

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