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Originally Posted by Royals View Post
Yes, for me, a need for salvation and to feel whole, to know my Creator and the meaning/purpose of life, a security of the afterlife, a spiritual hunger, the desire to serve God, a fascination in the Bible and religion/spirituality and to explain the design of the universe.
I think other people could connect with each other on a deeper level than I could, especially in person. I could see it in their eyes. Like they were satiating an inner hunger with each other's presence. For me that connection was to God instead. I felt God with me.
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Originally Posted by Royals View Post
Not even to go to this forum and answer a question? ANytime you decide to act or say something you are motivated enough. Just always look ahead and have things to do.
Unfortunately, that's not the kind of motivation that you were talking about. But (of course) you knew that

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For me, its been my mom..shes such a tough person. Life has dealt her a crazy hand..having a schizophrenic father, dad and brother dying, being with my dad..i don't want to delve too deep but she's very persistent and has a tremendous work ethic. Also I have a bun in the I think about him which is why i'll be starting my program soon (finally) and I just want to make life as comfortable for him as possible.

Then my own drive, I just idk I couldn't let time pass me by and I'm not doing crap with my life.

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There have been a lot of people who have motivated me, even if I only read about them. One other motivation is to prove someone wrong, even though I donít know them anymore. They probably never thought I could change, and Iím sure that if I changed and they found out about it, it would shock them.

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I also let people from history motivate me since they inspire me to be a light in the world also. We can always learn from others who set the right example. Other one's experiences are the best motivator.
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