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Originally Posted by Fled From Nowhere View Post
But if you were cured of SA, then those causes wouldn't be so any longer!
No, being cured of "SA" just means stop caring about those things, not the same.

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forever single
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Both are very close for me. Curing me of SA would probably mean I could try and bond with people, although I think it's probably too late for me to really alter the way I live my life now… I wouldn't suffer anywhere near as much stress and depression that I do now – which I think a lot of it can trace it's roots back to my anxiety problems.

On the other hand, a girlfriend would probably help me out along the right route with the above. It probably wouldn't 'cure' me, but it would certainly ease the situation. Not only that, I'd finally get this huge monkey off my back of never having had a relationship and remaining a virgin to this day. It would be a basic life progression that most people of my age ticked off their own charts more than a decade ago…

Overall, given my age and the fact that it's difficult to adapt to changes who you are the older you get, I'd say I'd likely take the cure for SA over a girlfriend now. I'm accepting a lifetime of 'singledom' and without any relationship experience at all at my age would mean I'm probably too selfish to even consider one now anyway.

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Have a bf/gf. Right now! **** the future!
I would become a criminal or evil mastermind or something if i was cured of SA but cursed to live alone for my whole life.

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Not on here anymore
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I would rather be cured of SA, the other option isn't important to me. I just want to talk, dammit!!

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these sort of threads i usually pick the none SA option (like money or sa free..money every time)

But this one was closer, I think I'd actually prefer to be SA free..I have a few hang ups which are anxiety related, if I could shake them and be normal in that regard that would be way better than anything a partner could offer me

Yeah it would be nice to hide away from the world with a girlfriend playing video games and watching movies all day or whatever but thats not exactly sustainable unless it comes with a lottery win (and back I go to money..)
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a 9/10 bf.
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Away From The Pulsebeat
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I would rather a GF who I can spend the rest of my life with and who understands and accepts me. There's no point in being cured of SA if you're never going to experience love or any kind of meaning in your life.
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Hope you feel better :D
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Have a relationship. At least then Id actually have someone to be with... unlike now, I have no one at all...

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If it's just the SA being cured then I don't care for it if it means I can never have a girlfriend, as that's only a part of my problems. If it were to cure all my brain problems then I would definitely take the cure. Otherwise no, I'll take the amazing girlfriend.

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Tough decision. Even that ideal g/f could leave you, but if you're cured of SA it would never come back. Without SA you could have lots of hot lovers, but never having a g/f would be lonely.

I chose the amazing g/f option, because when I'm with someone special I'm truly happy and my SA shrinks down to nearly nothing, and depression & anxiety nearly disappear.
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Originally Posted by Mattsy94 View Post
There's no point in being cured of SA if you're never going to experience love or any kind of meaning in your life.
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Being cured of SA would allow me to dramatically improve my life. I can do anything I ever wanted to do without having to worry about everything. Work becomes easy and just everything becomes easy. Life becomes easy. I would be able to do what a normal adult would do and lead a normal life.
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I'd rather have love. Being without SA would be amazing, however I'd probably be miserable if I didn't have someone. At least with SA, I can use it as a partial reason for my singledom. If I was able to converse freely but still couldn't connect romantically, who knows what I would think of myself.
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Originally Posted by sajs View Post
No, being cured of "SA" just means stop caring about those things, not the same.
Isn't this exactly what I said? Doesn't "stop caring about those things" mean the same as "those things not being causes any longer"?

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I wouldn't give up my boyfriend to cure my sa. While my life would be incredibly easier without sa, I don't think I would be very happy if I didnt have anyone to share that life with.

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Can I be somebody else
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If I was cured of SA I might get rid of some of my self-hate. I might be able to have somewhat of a life or at least enjoy the one I have more.
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Originally Posted by RelinquishedHell View Post
Having someone who understands and accepts me for my problems is more important than being cured of those problems. Being understood and accepted is all I've ever wanted.
^ This.

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