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Originally Posted by awkwardpenguin View Post
When I have to go get my hair cut. That is one of the worst situations for me because I never know if I'm supposed to make conversation and I have to sit and stare at myself in a mirror. It's awkward and I hate it. I also hate pretty much all appointments with people you're forced to then converse with (ie doctor, dentist).
I completely agree, haircuts suck. The worst part is when the hairdresser asks what I want to do with my hair... :/
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Around other teenagers.

Left SAS October 4th 2011.
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Originally Posted by Podee View Post
The worse is just unfamiliar places, with all the anxiety of getting there, worrying about where the entrance is, where you have to go in there, and who you might have to speak to. I never step foot in some places I've wanted to for years until someone else decides to and they're familiar with it. A terrible example of this is that I missed a whole module of my course because I wasn't familiar with the part of the building it was in =/
I'm moving soon and dreading having to change doctors
Oh my god, I know exactly what you mean. Before I go somewhere, I try really hard to know where everything is located first, I don't just want to go and look like a complete idiot who doesn't know where she's going. An example would be college. Whenever I sign up for a class that's located in some building I've never been to before, I get so anxious about not finding it on the first day and being late to class, entering while the professor is talking and have everyone turn towards the door to see who just walked in. It's even worse when all the seats are taken and you stand there looking foolish. AHHHH!! That never happened, but just thinking of the scenario makes me so freakin nervous. Luckily, the college website provides a map of every building so I look at it everyday a week before a new semester starts just so I'll know exactly where to go, be early, and get a seat in the back.

And ditto on the doctors. It's bad enough getting used to your previous doctors (it took me a really long time to get used to them) but then you have to see a new one and you keep thinking "they're going to judge me". Depending on what doctor it is, like if it's a dentist I keep thinking they'll go "eww, her teeth" or something. I'm also afraid of making weird throat noises when my mouth is open and they're cleaning my teeth or something. If it's a general doctor and you have to get check-ups every once in a while, I always think they're negatively judging my body in their heads or something.

Originally Posted by hope76 View Post
public bathrooms...anyone else utterly terrified of using public bathrooms? not because of germs or anything, but because of EVERYONE ELSE IN THERE! lol. i think public bathrooms were created by a person who thought it would be fun to torture people...and i am really tall so if i am not careful, in most bathrooms i can see over the walls of the stall and see other people...lol. i never look! i am not a pervert. lol. i imagine it makes everyone else uncomfortable as well, to have my head sticking out of the stall, but i think it makes me feel worse than anyone else. lol
Oh jesus. I despise public bathrooms when there's people in it. I always try to find the least populated bathroom in college, and I know which one it is now, I always go into that one and it feels so good knowing that no one is there most of the time (other than myself). I don't hate them for the same reason as you, but I hate it because when I'm done doing my business in the stall, I ABSOLUTELY HATE walking out and washing my hands in front of people because of all those mirrors I have to face that are placed above the sink......I HATE seeing my own reflection when there's people around.

Originally Posted by kelsomania View Post
I hate being in an elevator thats full of people. I can't stand standing close to strangers.
Same. I hate when people are too close to me. It's like they can see every detail of me, up close and personal.

Originally Posted by britisharrow View Post
Crowded subway train, crowded narrow corridor. Eating in front of others.

How people eat sandwiches on a crowded train without a care in the world is absolutely beyond my comprehension.
Buses too.
I really really really really dread public transport. I sit there all robotic, I honestly don't know how people could do things such as eating, reading, talking to others, talking on the phone, etc. Thank god I have a car.

I also want to mention restaurants, I'm always too nervous to order anything by myself. How pathetic.
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A tip for eating in restaurants is to eat like you're someone very important. So use your knife and fork properly, ie. the european way, and take smalls bites, and take your time. Eat a cracker affectatiously.
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Family events like weddings and funerals.

Funerals are the worst because i've been asked twice to help carry a coffin and both times i've had to refuse. I looked like such a pig for saying 'no' but no one knows about my SA.
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^ pretty much anywhere in public then!
Ditto on most of them. Though I don't find public restrooms too bad anymore, and elevators are awkward but I just find a distraction, like looking at something on the wall or getting out my phone.
With the doctors its all kinds of things...making the appointment, saying the right thing when you get there (my one has an electronic system now O.o), sitting in the waiting room, making sure you hear your name being called, finding the room, then the whole talking to the doctor...not a pleasant experience overall.

Public transport I'm used to but I've been avoiding it at rush hour for years now. Hate getting on a crowded bus and having to stand. Then I get anxious when people start getting off cos I don't wanna stare at everyone to find a free seat and don't wanna start going for one until I'm sure nobody else is going to. Then I'm always anxious sitting down the front in case I might need to get up for a push chair or pensioner. The London underground is by far the worse. I worry my ticket isn't gonna let me through, cos it did once =/ The other option of using taxis isn't much better with the standing in the street trying to hail one down. Tis all a nightmare :P
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The mall. Last week I went shopping for clothes. As soon as I walked into the store I felt out of place. Where am I supposed to go. And I should have gone with a friend if possible. And all these people are so beautiful. I couldn't get my hands to stop shaking. Eventually I was able to pick out a few clothes and a went to the changing room which had already taken down my confidence. When I finished trying on the clothes, I was afraid to come out of the changing room. I didn't want to lady who worked there to see me... So I stood back and looked at the shoes to see when there was nobody standing there. As soon as no one was there, I walked out. Just in time for her to come back and ask me if everything worked out well.

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Parties, dinner parties, weddings, the mall, classroom with peers.....the list of "worse places" for SA is endless.
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Easily buses especially when listening to music on the bus. You can't see the people behind you, you don't know if they're looking at you, you can't hear what they're saying etc
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Ooh I've thought of a good one: being in a car with a driving instructor. I used to sweat so much doing that, and I used to feel really stupid if I did anything wrong.

Luckily I'm an excellent driver; I can drive slow on the driveway.
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