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axpe 06-23-2011 05:17 AM


But first..oh wow...I thought I was the only one in this whole world. Glad I have found this forum! I'm also in the same situation like you guys. It just happened to me recently after I was being a monk in Thailand for almost 3 months in 2011. This is what I have learned so far, the fact is - there are people who can actually read our minds, BUT NOT EVERYONE IN THIS WHOLE WORLD (for example me and many of you here & a lot more people like us around the world)
* I can proof it to you if you have the money, we can fly to thailand and i'll let you speak to a monk there. You'll be surprised as don't have to even say a word, but the monk there will answer it straight from your thought. Even if he doesn't know/understand English ;), assuming you're thinking in English, they read from your soul, your heart, not from your mind*

- We are somewhat the "chosen" ones, something up high in the sky wants us to "THINK POSITIVE" and "TO PURIFY OUR MINDS" to become "GOOD PERSON"
For example - Let's say we are now know for the fact that there are some people out there who can actually read our minds right? So, just that thought alone would stop us all from doing ALL THE BAD THINGS
IN THIS WORLD. We have no other choice than to purify our minds and soul and we have to ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE FIRST
- We can have sex (this one i'm still not 100% sure but from what i know, they know that you do...but they cant see what you're doing...i guess) So, we would NEVER CHEAT in our relationship. Right? :clap
- We can all be friends here, since we all here can't read each other mind anyway, for our comfort :) You can think all the bad things you want about me I don't care cause' I won't be able to hear it anyway LOL :D
ADD ME HERE on facebook -> [email protected]
if you're within the area , we can all go hangout and chill. I'm thinking about going for bungee jumping! something exciting that would get our minds off from thinking too much :)

- Every time when you wanna go out or talking to people, ALWAYS ASSUME that "they don't know what i'm thinking" and then think positive and that's it. (this one takes time and practice, practice makes perfect.)
- TIME TIME TIME and TIME , Rome doesn't build in one day! It takes time to get used to .. on the road to become a good person (possibly lead to Heaven). But as long as we think positive, NOTHING can possibly goes wrong right? ;)

any other question or concern please contact me via my facebook page - [email protected] :)

booored 06-23-2011 05:50 AM

me to! i think a lot of people wiht SA have this problem, idont know why though. maybe cause were paranoid as it is. the problem with me is that i have intrusive thoughts and i say embarassing things in my head (weird i know), and then i get scared that everyone in class can hear me. sometimes id do "experements" in class. like, in my head, call ppl names and see if they had any reactions. sometimes i feel like they did, maybe it was my paranoia.

tramendez 07-19-2011 01:06 AM


Originally Posted by lonelyheart87 (Post 821749)
omg! I thought i was the only one. I've been feeling this way for like 5 years now! Constantly thinking that people could read my mind, know my intentions, feel my mood, what i'm going to do, etc. Particularly the thoughts part. I would walk around on the streets, and think that complete strangers could read right through me. It used to be much worse, but it goes up and down with me. It's a huge problem, because like people have said, i act not according to how i think sometimes to "throw people off". It's ridiculous and i feel like i'm not being sincere, but can't help it. It confuses the **** out of me. Anyone have solutions on how to overcome this? I have no friends except for my roommate and this makes getting friends much more difficult.

here is the simple solution whenever you think people could read your mind just think they can't and they won't try it you'll get better at it thats the answer.

tramendez 07-19-2011 01:09 AM

This is the simple solution: Just think they can't hear you and they won't it takes practice try it out this is the answer though thank god.

Ashley1990 09-01-2011 03:22 AM

The two things that make people stare at you:
1.ur confidence and beauty
2.their insecurity being belittled by your personality...
these are practical things i have experienced

MaddyRose 09-01-2011 07:12 PM

I never do this anymore, but whenever the possibility that someone was reading my mind occured to me I would throw this in with my internal monologue:


I figured if anyone was actually reading it, that would startle them away lol.

dreamingfear 09-02-2011 04:18 AM

Me and my friend who has severe social anxiety disorder have a fear that people can hear our thoughts. I've wondered if it has more to do with paranoia and delusions than anxiety. But it sounds like it's common with people who have social anxiety. I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one. One reason why it's hard for me to be in school or public is that I worry that people can hear my thoughts and that people can read things about me that I wouldn't want them to. I hate the paranoia.

ItemEleven 09-02-2011 07:02 AM

No one can see/hear the thoughts inside your head. People can however sometimes tell what you are thinking by looking at your body language. Stuff like blushing, playing with your hair, looking away, looking down... etc.

If you are worried about being an open book learn more about body language.

Saying that... you shouldn't be ashamed of who you are, of what you think, of what you do.

Extroverted "popular" people think out loud all the time!


Extroverts often get verbal diarrhea when they get a present.

Gift giver: Do you like it?
Extrovert:OMG... Yes... Thank you so much... How'd you know that I've always wanted one these?... blah blah blah

Gift giver: Do you like it?

one minute of silence

Introvert: Yes

What was the introvert thinking about during the one minute of silence?

OMG... Yes... Thank you so much... How'd you know that I've always wanted one these?... blah blah blah


Originally Posted by rachelynn (Post 821277)
I often worry about people being able to read my mind or just knowing about something I did or didn't do or say, or even how I feel about something, such as opinions etc. I don't even know if this is SA related or like some kind of obsessional thought...anyone else feel this way? Lots of time, I often end up acting weirdly or acting in a way that would prevent them for thinking a certain thing or being able to read me...if that makes sense.

ItemEleven 09-02-2011 07:04 AM


Are you afraid that people can read your thoughts because you think you have something to hide?

Does the same fear stop you from talking to people?

iL0V3music 09-04-2011 08:53 AM

I do this too! Glad Im not the only one lol. I know that no one can really read my.mind, its impossible. But sometimes if I'm with someone I just make my mind go blank. Just in case lmao

manishkhandagle 05-22-2012 06:37 AM

I always come across people saying somethings about me which realistically speaking no one should know and i also come across people somehow hurting me physically without touching or even being in my presence physically. I dont know how to cope up with this. every time i get used to it or try to ignore it they modify their attacks so that i become a nervous wreck. It is affecting my health also. I would like to hear some suggestions for coping with this weirdness.

d low 05-22-2012 07:28 AM

I can completely relate to this topic, I thought i was completly paranoid but im guessing it is related to SA quite heavily?

d low 05-22-2012 07:29 AM


Originally Posted by manishkhandagle (Post 1059963761)
i also come across people somehow hurting me physically without touching or even being in my presence physically.

So what, they throw things at you?? *So Confused*

blc1 05-22-2012 07:38 AM

Yes!! The heart of it is a huge fear of scrutiny and exposure, this combined with the religious indoctrination that all my thoughts are being recorded. My mother used to tell me that God knows what I'm thinking at all times, and I guess I've projected that ability to read my mind onto other people as well. I wish I could feel that my thoughts were my own.

the collector 05-22-2012 12:02 PM

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I can relate.

the collector 05-22-2012 12:10 PM

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I used to have this problem,fear,insecurity,paranoia,whatever you wanna call it.But, what helped me was realizing that I didn't actually think people could read my mind.Somehow over time I convinced myself that I was "crazy" and believed people could read my mind.Then I finally realized I never truly believed people could read my mind...I just thought that I believed it.I realized that I'm not crazy.

flykiwi 05-22-2012 12:54 PM

lol! I get this at work sometimes..
thats when you think this person is reading your thoughts!
and then you think all the thoughts that your trying not to think
because they might see them. but thats the reason that they happen
just to spite you! its like your mind goes crazy for just a little bit!

i used to get embarassed by it.. because i felt like
everyone could see inside..with their prying eyes..
but it gets tiring..

thelonelyloner 05-22-2012 01:36 PM

Man do I worry about this a lot. I especially feel it when I think of something, then someone else says what I was going to say but didn't have the guts to say it because of my anxiety.

uttam123 06-19-2012 04:07 AM

i can feel entire world can read my mind
It is happening from the past 3 years.i feel that people could read my mind and make out whatever thing am doing.IF I am trying to be smart they know my tricks and i feel that i cannot play the fool around or act smart.I feel guilty of the wrong that i had done and automatically start cursing myself.i also feel afraid at times though i am strong willed person.i start acting weirdly and try to give answers to what is coming into my mind so that i do not land up in the guilty side.The day it happens i am not able to sleep.Though i know it is not true but something happens in my brain that makes it true.I feel people laughing cheering for the wrong thoughts that come into my mind.And i reply by abusing the people around me in my mind.

urfriendpeace 07-16-2012 02:30 PM


Originally Posted by rachelynn (Post 821277)
I often worry about people being able to read my mind or just knowing about something I did or didn't do or say, or even how I feel about something, such as opinions etc. I don't even know if this is SA related or like some kind of obsessional thought...anyone else feel this way? Lots of time, I often end up acting weirdly or acting in a way that would prevent them for thinking a certain thing or being able to read me...if that makes sense.

I HAVE THe ANSWER!! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND UNDERSTAND.this is a little long but interesting as it answers all your questions. U will have a peace of mind. i promise. my friends and family call me VIGGI. trust me. I know what you are going through. NO ONE CAN READ YOUR THOUGHTS. PLEASE READ FULL TO KNOW EXACTLY WHATS HAPPENING we are all bunch of energies that has been from the big bang. Energy cant be destroyed nor created. you see signs, coincidences, random strangers telling something, that connects your life. this is just bunch of energies flowing. let me explain this. when u think something in your head, your body sends out energy that is corresponding to the thought. and that energy flows around. no one can pick up what you were thinking exactly by sensing ur body language.
there is universe..or u can say the ultimate truth. throughout the history of mankind, Prince siddhartha( u may know him as buddha..the buddhist god) is the only human beign who understood the truth of the universe.
the universe is unbiased. it rains on the just and unjust alike. it means everything is random. if u think something, and suddenly u hear someone say something that connects to your thought(even 100% accurately), it is just because u choose so. if u have more and more negetive thoughts, u get immersed in it more.
for example, when ur happy, ur playing ur favourite sport or doing something u love or are passionate about. think about tht situation. the level of ur paranoia is very less.
so basically, once when u started noticing these occurances, they got more and more frequent, that is because ur still holding on to the thought that people can read ur mind. THEY CANT.
for example> you are on a are low and depressed.ur thinking about something, and suddenly u hear a random guy telling his friend "SUPER KING". u think ohh ****, he knows my thoughts, he knows my life. cos super king is somehow connected to u.( right now, there might be someone, who is reading this and thinks i am using super kings in reference to him)
the same example. ur on the same street . thinking the same thought, but now ur joyful and happy. the guy still tells his friend "super kings".(because thts their conversation and only for them)
so no matter if ur happy or sad, words might pop up in reference to your life or thoughts. U are one in a 6 billions, not everyone around u is talking about you. those things u hear which makes u think tht people can read ur mind, are just mere words in a random conversation between random strangers. only u choose to hear them and go deep.
reasons why people cant hear your thoughts
A) did anyone ever say they can hear your thoughts
B)there are many people experiencing same things, so that means there are many people who can read minds, then all off them should hold a crystal ball and earn lots of money by reading minds.

so all i have to say is
A)think whatever crazy **** u want one can hear ur thoughts. ur head, ur private space.
B)people notice negetivity fear, dont be afraid. go out ..roam thinking freely whatever u want.
C) be confident even though u have dark thoughts. no one can read ur thoughts, but they can read ur guilt. body language is important.
D) go reconnect with ur friends man. ask them what they were upto.


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