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Worried about an upcoming ferry trip

I've been dealing with anxiety for several years (I'm currently 20) and while it's mostly social, there are other situations that can set it off; in particular I'm meant to be travelling with my family on a ferry in about two weeks' time to visit my grandparents.
I used to be absolutely fine with travelling this way, but the last time we went (christmas 201 I was extremely worried about it - and now with the upcoming trip I've been having daily (sometimes even multiple) anxiety attacks at the thought of the journey, mostly around the fear of some kind of accident occurring - which is exacerbated by the motion of the ship and the fact that it's an overnight ferry.
I know that I willhave to face it- not that I would want to avoid the whole trip anyway - but I'm genuinely terrified that I'll have to endure a full 8 hours of panic or similar, so I'm desperate for advice on what I can do to make things better/more bearable.
Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

(Just as an aside, this was all planned and booked well before the lockdown, and all of the necessary distancing measures have been/will be taken)
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I've been on some a bunch of times and one over night. On the over night one we had to sleep in a room filled with people in these chairs and so I didn't sleep I think I was 7-9 years old. I think if you have your own room it's probably nice though. It's not a long journey from any port here it ranges from 1-2 hours to 4-5 hours. I think Dover to Calais is quicker than Portsmouth to Le Havre so I dunno why we ended up doing that but I was a kid so don't remember.

I don't really have much advice though for anxiety since I wasn't really anxious about being on a ferry. There are a bunch of distractions usually like shops and stuff so you might just want to not go on deck and pretend you're not on a boat. Maybe listen to some music with ear buds and see if that helps. Just find stuff to distract yourself with. If you're with your family maybe they can help distract you.

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It's strange, I can be anxious about alot of trivial stuff most take for granted & not about something big like being in an accident or possible death.

I think I've made peace with it being inevitable at some point & moreso finally the only permanent release from my irrational thoughts & struggles.

I don't know how to teach that though, or if I should, maybe get some over the counter remedies to help you sleep for most of the journey.

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How about distractions? Maybe you could bring along your phone, handheld game, crossword puzzle book, audiobook, coloring book.... things like that. I know it might end up being impossible to concentrate. (I can't even read a magazine in a doctor's waiting room for being so nervous.) But maybe it's worth a shot. Breathing exercises can help as well. How about a guided meditation app or podcast?

If it helps, I doubt you'll just panic for eight hours straight. Being in panic mode uses a tremendous amount of the body's resources and at a certain point you'll likely be too tired. I know I'm always exhausted after a panic attack.

Best of luck to you. You can do this.
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I think you may have a lack of experience so your mind has some irrational panic. I used to be that way. After many experiences of gatherings, I found as long as you are doing yourself. There is no problem or fear at all. Or you may fear about social rejection like what you say about doesn't appeal to the audience. But its completely fine to get ignored sometimes. In short, acceptance and exposure can solve your fear.
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Originally Posted by minglee15 View Post
I think you may have a lack of experience so your mind has some irrational panic.
I wish that was the reason, this will be something like the 23th time I've made this trip and it's never been an issue until now. I've always been jumpy when the ship starts to rock but this time I'm full-on panicking about the idea of it tilting 'just that little bit too far'.
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