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Wing it

My favorite coping skills for anxiety is to just wing it. Winging it is a skill, you get better when you care less about what happens. If you can get over the fact that non critical consequences bother you, then you won't have to worry about them.

The hardest part about consequences are that you have to learn from them. It takes a lot of deep thought and calculations to figure out what actually happened and if it's something you actually can learn about or not.

I think everything is connected and that all psycological phenomenons are similar and simplifiable. But you don't have to go that deep if you don't have the time. I have plenty of time right now.

I would recommend not putting yourself in others shoes. That makes you adopt their anxiety and you could lose yourself. But you can learn and try to speak to people in a language that you know they understand. And you can't assume they know you're language or you know their language unless there's something critical at stake.

You might get someone very mad if you assume you understand them and force a relationship. But you might make someone very happy if you do what you can and are friendly.

It's really complicated and hard to explain, but that's the best I can do right now.

Anyone else just wing it?

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