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Why Today Is The Best Time To Be Alive In Human History

Why Today Is The Best Time To Be Alive In Human History.

I thought this was a really good youtube video about how lucky we are to be alive today. We all have our issues but looking back at history you see how lucky we are to be alive today. Its a long video 36 min but he makes some good points. Thoughts?

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It's a great time to be alive...if you are a billionaire...
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Thumbs down





touch all glass


what fingers for?

holes or screeeenzzz???
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Originally Posted by funnynihilist View Post
It's a great time to be alive...if you are a billionaire...
For many living right now, who don't have enough money to provide the basics needed in life, then now is certainly NOT a great time to be alive.
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Socializing with myself
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Each day is the best time to be alive for mental enslavement.

Celebrating birthdays in front of people each year with your fake mind and their fake mind? While the software engineers evaluate your hostage emotions and thoughts.

Happy mind enslavement to you, happy mind enslavement to yoouuu, how long have you been mentally enslaved? How old are you now? When you say your age, then everybody clap, blow candles. All the software engineers can say is "Thank you so much for being studies for the management program."

The interaction behind the mind of wife or husband calling you honey or baby. I know for sure the wife would say "sweetie, wanna see me in my lingerie or thong?" Behind the scenes, all was just the software engineers in groups staring at the citizens naked through a digital screen and monitoring cryptographic keys. While the Reddit.com swingers are just fake minded people doing one another wife and husband, as the software engineers said "excellent exploiting bored wife and husband?" Yes, what a great time to be alive for A.I computer God to manage married citizens sex.

Lol, so called healthy decisions coming from citizens?

Multi-Agent Quantum AI Computers governing citizens 24/7 using Quantum Cryptography Satellites to run a thought interval to generate cryptographic keys to refresh key information into thoughts to channel the communication 24/7.

NSA Software Engineers & NASA computationally remapping buildings, jobs, relationships, wealth, education, and income using bio intelligence system to manage citizens time & events. Getting away with airplane crashes, accidents, diseases, homelessness, and suicides.
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The day they cure cancer will be the best time to be alive.
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Originally Posted by Yer Blues View Post
The day they cure cancer will be the best time to be alive.
I wouldn't want to cure cancer if I had it (I know how weird it sounds) at least it would be way too die sooner as possible without doing something dangerous to myself...
There's no best time for me to live, I didn't deserved it, so I'm not able to be anyhow useful and happy...

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Nah I can't watch that video lol. In a lot of ways it's better to be alive now than in the past, but when people are complaining it's mostly because they're aware that progress has stopped/reversed:


Are young people in other developed countries in dire straits too?

In some places, it is worse. Millennials in Italy, Spain and Greece — where youth unemployment rocketed after the financial crisis — now have incomes that are far lower than previous generations at the same age. In the US, the trend is similar to the UK, but it started earlier and hit Generation X too.

But it isn’t grim everywhere. One country stands out as an exception to these trends, where millennials are doing comfortably better than the generation before them. If you are young today, Norway looks like the place to be.
I guess things are pretty good in Norway.

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We're in the midst of a spiritual awakening, it's an exciting time to be here.
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