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Where I Want to Be

I want to be at the point where:

I am humble; I don't care if people like me or respect me.

I am always true to myself; I do what I think is right.

I am positive and make the best of life.

That's it. Happiness can only come from inside, and you have to remove your expectations and standards from your circumstances and place them on yourself, then attempt to meet those standards. Nothing can stop you, only yourself, and when you achieve your goal you will be happy. That's my goal, obviously ^^ If I can achieve that and maintain it, I will always be truly happy.
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Also, about not caring if people like you or respect you:

Think about the times you get angry or stressed out because of other people. The reason you are angry or stressed is because you are conflicted. On one side, the selfish side, you want something from people that they are not doing, and on the other side you have your ego, which wants you to LOOK like a nice person in front of every.

If you don't care whether you look like a nice person or not, you can make a decision based on what you think instead of how you feel.

For example, my roommates frustrate me a lot. They are inconsiderate in so many ways. However, I wouldn't be angry if I didn't care if they respected me or not, because I would just look at what they have done, and not worry about whether they are really disrespecting me or not.

See the thing is, we want people to like us, but we don't feel like doing the things required for them to like us. We want people to respect us, but again, we don't always want to do what it takes to earn their respect. The best thing to do is to stop worrying about being liked and respected, and focus on what you want from yourself.
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develop social confidence by going out and meetign new people, once youve mastered this skill, the world will open its door to you

"Identity Level Change; Total Self Trust and Never Looking Back"

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