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I've met people and made friends in a variety of places, through activities I do such as badminton or going motorcycling with a group. I still keep in touch with a few from my high school days as well, we have board game nights.
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Met my now former friends of 7 years at my social anxiety group. My best girl friend and my now best friend at the same group.

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Originally Posted by Dissonance View Post
wtf are friends?
No idea...
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Originally Posted by melancholyscorpio View Post
Most people make life long friends from school. Usually high school.
Yes, but that only holds true for those that never move to another area, state or country.

Lots of people make new friends later in life (at work, on meetup.com, at the gym etc).
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the peeps ive been hanging with i knew in high school mostly but dropped all of them recently for the past year. Its about quality than quantity at this point and im willing to run solos for awhile again. Its quality or bust now.

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Still thinking of one.
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I only hang out with family so I was just born into it I guess.
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The friends I do have (like 1-2) I met recently at school within the past 2-3 years. I'm really not good at making friends, at best most people I meet are acquaintances. I'd like to improve, but it's something I've always struggled with.

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People have mentioned high school as a place they've made and kept life-long friends but that hasn't been the case for me at all.

I've still got a couple of good friends from primary school but we rarely catch up these days and just grew much more distant over the past 10 years or so. In saying that I really do need to reach out to them again and losing a close friend of mine made me realise that. I have 20 years worth of history with these particular brothers and that's worth hanging onto in my opinion. But yeah, no friends from highschool.

That aside, best friends I still have today were made either through work or through this forum.


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