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What the hell is happening ??????

i'm having OCD, trouble sleeping, headaches, insomnia, allergy to pollen all at once, + i'm fasting, my sleeping time is ruined, every day i stare at my screen because of school work and that makes my already fked up red eyes (because of allergy) more worse and worse, i'm overthinking i keep remembering all the negative pasts and bad moments and i'm getting angry because of them, i tried to take some of my dads medicine to sleep, i don't know how longer i should endure, How do i stop overthinking ??
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This is probably not gonna help. But, I'm going through something similar, my sleep patterns are also f'd up, I find myself waking up every two hours at night, I feel depressed really. Maybe things will be better soon.
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Taking someone else's meds is never a good idea, if not to say dangerous!

Regarding messed up sleep you need to work on your so called sleep hygiene! Use your common sense:

Stop looking into screens some time before going to bed.

Certain foods and beverages interrupt a good sleep. A light snack might be helpful. Sometimes a drop of blood sugar causes people to wake up.

No exercise, exciting/stressful activities/subjects before going to bed.

Regular sleeping times. Not too much, not too little sleep. Not too many/to long daytime naps.

The room you sleep in should be quiet and really dark or use a sleeping mask.

If you wake up at night don't turn on any lights or just a little dimmed light! Otherwise your sleeping hormones get interrupted and you inadvertently actually train your system to wake up at that time each night.

Try to enjoy just lying there, in the nice soft warm bed, giving at least your body/eyes a well deserved rest.

Nature is a terrific healer! Try to find ways to go for regular walks.

Just to name a few.

Regarding compulsive thinking, I guess distraction is the key.

Really concentrate on the sound of yourself breathing slowly, or nature's sounds of the night. Your brain cannot concentrate on listening intensely to that and create own thoughts at the same time!!!

Don't make crappy thoughts your enemy! Just let them flow! Sometimes a cool thought, idea solution might also pop up!

I know, all easier said than done!
But we are only humans and no machines!
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Maybe you should try to get tired physically? Will this replace emotional experiences and sleep will come easier?

Loving world and family
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