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Job interviews by far - and this is coupled by the fact that I'm never usually successful.

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Crowded places, but also being alone at home for too long. I'm all about the extremes.

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Family get togethers 😞
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Phone Calls

Working any job

Meeting new people
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You just totally described me. I thought no one would understand taking out the trash and checking mail. I add parking and sitting next to cars in traffic (really so things driving) to that list.

Originally Posted by WillYouStopDave View Post
Phone calls
Answering the door
Checking the mail
Taking out trash
Walking towards other people
Any kind of appointments. Doesn't matter what it is
People having any kind of expectations of what I should be doing at any given moment
Being asked about anything personal by people who don't know me at all
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Socializing with myself
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I had a shelter job developer who teased me about giving me an office job at a college, but he derailed the topic of the conversation to talk about my left testicle. Then derailed the topic again to talk about himself masturbating and he asked me what exact time do I masturbate. This happened in 2019 in the shelter.

I had an English teacher in 10th grade who rip up my essay in front of the class, then throw it right in the garbage.

My English teacher back in High School would make the class create groups to present in class. Nobody wanted me in their group, so the teacher said I had to present by myself. I didn't come to school the next day, because I don't know how to do the assignment. I ended up getting a 65 for English. The foreigner who came from India got like an 85 in English and he's welcomed into any group.

The English professor correcting me with the difference between women and females in the class. This social situation caused me to fear speaking out my thoughts in class, because the behavior of the professor is intimidating. I always have experience people lecturing me about the terms I used or criticizing me about my grammar. The character that my English professor showed is familiar with previous people that spoke to me. The people are forcing me to think that I'm disarticulate.

Another time is when my English professor said that my wording is unclear and please be clear. The English professor used a familiar word that previous people would use in a sentence to speak to me. The people would use an unnecessary word in a sentence to make me feel frightened of using words that I normally would use in writing

My mother used an unnecessary word in a sentence to cause me to feel distress and frighten. She told me to please stop walking fast.

I had one of the mods on here mentioned the word please in a private message tittle out of context, and told me that my posts are repetitive.

^The wording please is a psychological cryptic message to derail my healthy mind from thinking about my experiences. The cryptographic keys are a list of commands that instruct the client to use phrases that are out of context, and to promote fear to my correct thoughts. The A.I Computers know my social anxiety is extremely bad, and it's trying to weaken my mind from expressing itself. Just like it did when I was in special education and speech classes.

Never had a career, never had an income, never had a girlfriend, regardless of how many times I tried. The people have the same mentality, perception and belief about me since I was a child. The people behavior and communication induces my social anxiety and depression.

The A.I Computers/NSA engineers use a computational intelligence system to design a mentality by translating key/cryptographic key information into thoughts, logic, and emotions that are fake to manage humanity 24/7.
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