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Socializing with myself
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One unique SA quirk is being able to sense threathen behavior and danger. The NSA software engineers know that medication can block the important receptors, so people with social anxiety wouldn't be able to detect "the out of sync behavior." The Artificial Intelligence knows the type of medications for the doctor to prescribe to patients to work out the brain chemicals at night during sleep maintenance.
- Just like the Artificial Intelligence know how to design cops mind for racial profiling, and make people have racist belief. -

Subconsciously, the people behavior triggers my social anxiety, because there's something off about their behavior and thought process that I constantly react to during a specific situation. I perceived the citizens as empty mindless people who just follows up with experiences and ideas that they never created, as if someone else gave them a task to behave and think a certain way without any true purpose.

True story, btw.

I recall talking to my mom on the phone that my father's girlfriend is trying to kick me out by Saturday, and at the time I was an honors student in HS. My mom didn't believe me at all. My father's girlfriend started an argument with her tenant's boyfriend who recently came out of prison, and she got extremely mad that I didn't help fight the guy with her. So, my father's girlfriend called her family over to lecture me, and all of them got intoxicated and tried to make attempts to provoke me. Since her family failed at trying to provoke me, then the family threatens to throw my body in garbage lot. Before the week of calling my mom, my father's girlfriend called the police on me, because she stormed out the bathroom cursing someone out on the phone. My father's girlfriend said that I don't work, I don't clean, I don't give money, and I don't do anything. The cops lectured me, saying "this is the lady's house, she can do whatever she wants to do" and "the next time we come back here again, we will lock you and your F-in father up." The cops also said to me go to the military after graduating HS, but I already knew what college to go to at the time.

Never had a career, never had an income, never had a girlfriend, regardless of how many times I tried. The people have the same mentality, perception and belief about me since I was a child. The people behavior and communication induces my social anxiety and depression.

The A.I Computers/NSA engineers use a computational intelligence system to design a mentality by translating key/cryptographic key information into thoughts, logic, and emotions that are fake to manage humanity 24/7.
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I get these small but noticable twitches when I'm around people, for instance on the subway and some stranger is moving around or makes some noise, which causes me to tense up and twitch for some reason. Then I'm like "they saw that I twitched and they know I will twitch again if they make a noise" so I try harder not to twitch, to avoid making them uncomfortable. This causes me to get even more tensed up because I feel like now they're watching me all the time, doing noises just to check if I will twitch. The worst thing that could happen is if I twitch while someone around me says a specific word for instance "loser" or "ugly" or "dumb", I will then be convinced that they noticed that and think that about me. This especially uncomfortable because I almost always look at the ground when I'm in public and I can't really see what people around me are doing, so I can never be sure if people are or were actually watching me.
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I don't know if it's unique to me, but waiting for anything does it thoroughly.

Not that I'm an impatient person, but just sitting there waiting for something is horrible. I have to do something else in the meantime or I fall into an anxiety attack, the severity of which depends on where I am and what I'm waiting for.
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Closing my eyes in front of other people or sleeping if others can see me. I mean, of course blinking doesn't count but closing my eyes for long periods of time if there are others around. If I have to sleep in the same room as others, I have to cover my face with a pillow or just anything, I don't know why, but it makes me so nervous to think someone could see my face when I can't see them... I don't want anyone to stare at me without me noticing it hahahaha and that makes me sooooo nervous.

I'm so weird xD

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Well i don't like to sit at the center to be sure ! it makes me so uncomfortable

what is my sun moon and rising sign ? i though about it for a long time before finding out the importance of this concept
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Anything "unique" to me regarding personal issues would be more in what I call the OCD realm. As far as how the OCD stuff interacts with social aspects, one thing is how I interact with movies and how that would impact meeting with somebody. I have kind of a rigid way I deal with "consuming" movies in general, and do not like to watch movies with anybody. I might be flexible sometimes depending on the type of movie, but in general I only watch them alone at home and only go to the movies at the theater alone. I can talk about movies, preferably online, but that's it. So if I were to "date" someone, a theater date would be out. We could watch TV shows together, though. I was actually talking to someone online recently about meeting, and she mentioned if we got together that we could watch a movie (including one specifically that she has a tattoo of). I didn't mention it, but I probably wouldn't be for that idea. (It doesn't matter anyway because she decided she didn't want to meet.)
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I constantly have the feeling that I’m being watched by other people. This is part of the reason that I hate being in line of sight of other humans, and I feel so much safer and comfortable when I’m completely alone.

Also I hate the sound of the human voice.

I don’t know how uncommon these are but I think that if I told anyone about these that they’d call me a freak.
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