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I have never been able to relate to just how easy most people seem to be able to find a partner. For me it has always taken a load of thought and effort but everyone else just seems to be able to blag their way into a relationship with little to no thought about what to say or how to approach the woman they are interested in.
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being relaxed around other people

the culture surrounding social media
selling yourself, your brand, your lifestyle, trying to get as many likes as possible, curating an impossibly perfect image of excess and indulgence

being ridiculously wealthy
born into wealth and having a spoiled upbringing, talking/bragging about expensive unimportant status orientated consumerist crap.

I did this, so can you
I have a theory that people who always talk about how they did xyz to solve their issues and try to force that idea onto everyone else possibly have an unfair advantage. if you were born with the skills to be able to get past any setbacks and you don't face consistent struggles in life you perceive a sudden challenge as being catastrophic and like it's the worst thing ever, possibly exaggerating it's magnitude. getting over that was like a monumental triumph over adversity, subjectively speaking, objectively probably not if you consider what some people go through. also if it's something that is relatable in a tangible way (something in a lifestyle that is observed by others, and not something that is based within your mind and mental health) people will assume it's importance being greater than it might be, they can understand the loss of physical things for example. the thing is, these people will always get past any setbacks because it's like going through life on a nice flat plane, then hitting a bump in the road. if all you have ever known is a flat plane then a bump will seem like a disaster. compare that to a person who has to struggle up hills and mountains constantly through life. its just totally unrelatable.

also related to this there are people who's natural inclination is to treat challenge as something that literally fires them up and gets them going. when life throws them an obstacle it's like a dog being thrown a ball, they relish the opportunity. some people are natural fighters, they get off on fighting/struggle and trying to push through what they need to do. again, they were born with a different tool set in life to a lot of other people. they can always fall back on this when times are hard and may even look forward to the next challenge they face. these people taking the view that everyone else can do the same is ignorant and totally lacking understanding or empathy.

people that are just happy all the time
I don't really get it, I can understand putting on a happy face but I can't relate to being on cloud nine all the time.

people that live incredibly normie lifestyles
their lives revolve around their kids, watching soaps or other popular itv/bbc shows, they buy whatever food is currently really trendy and popular and generally don't care about the nutritional content. basically everything about their life is a list of how to be a normal person.

people that are seemingly not bothered or irritated by stuff in their environment
its like I am sitting around zombies sometimes while on the bus or any other type of public transport. disruptions, problems, adversity, things that are cause for concern to me that are happening around me most people don't give a crap about. I can't relate to being that sedated to the environment around you.maybe they do care but just don't show it?

people that interfere in strangers lives
nosy neighbours, people that decide they are gonna start rumours about other people because they have nothing better to do with their lives. social schadenfreude and how people start wars with others for no reason other than wanting to be a bully.

having a really active social life

having a really active life with a partner

having a support network or just growing up with some type of support in place

being self assured all the time
being confident about everything you do in life.

never considering you might be wrong
it seems a huge amount of normies do this, they go through life with the belief they can never be wrong about anything. I can't relate to this at all.

being interested in the really really popular trends that are happening
I can relate to subculture trends, but the sorts of things that are national or sometimes international in terms of popular things that people like? most of it I don't really care for.

I could probably list loads more. If people are not doing anything wrong then I don't really have bad feelings towards them doing the things I can't relate to, its just more of a constant feeling of "oh this is another situation/place where I don't belong".

I like donuts
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Originally Posted by JD89 View Post
...everyone else just seems to be able to blag their way into a relationship with little to no thought about what to say or how to approach the woman they are interested in.
I sometimes marvel at how some guys are able to bed a woman on a 1st or 2nd date while the same woman will shunt me into the friendzone after several entertaining dates. And these guys aren't as good looking or successful as I am.
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Having healthy close relationships - It feels pretty foreign to me.

I have healthy relationships when kept at an arm's length though.
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Originally Posted by jhinds View Post
I sometimes marvel at how some guys are able to bed a woman on a 1st or 2nd date while the same woman will shunt me into the friendzone after several entertaining dates. And these guys aren't as good looking or successful as I am.
That sucks. At least friend zone is better than nothing. I already have a girlfriend, but I feel slightly more comfortable hanging out with girls. The thing is, they never seem interested in talking to me and hanging out with me. Thus, I get "acquaintance zoned"... it is truly a miserable experience when women want like nothing to do with you, and you don't even know why.
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When people who work from home say they get bored due to the lack of social interaction.
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A normal life.
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Originally Posted by mezzoforte View Post
When people who work from home say they get bored due to the lack of social interaction.
I work from home sometimes and have noticed that at first I preferred it due to knowing I didn't have to interact with people face to face as often. After time I noticed my social skills and my anxiety get much, much worse as time went on. I think working from home time to time can be a nice break from the world but it definitely messes you up in the long term. I regret doing it now and am thinking of getting a different job so I'm around people more. A small office job where I only have to deal with a small group of people every day would be ideal and help overcome some of my anxiety and regain those lost social skills.
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I can't relate to people who have kids when the world is on the verge of ecological collapse. If you're lucky enough to be rich then I'd suggest adopting children or being foster parents, the world is over-populated as it is.

I can't relate to people who think the USA has a good economy. I haven't found a decent job in 8 years and I have 35 years of experience in programming computers. My wife has two computer degrees and still hasn't found an IT position many years after graduating. The CEOs sent all the jobs to China / India and left the USA with just minimum wage jobs, keeping all the money and profits for themselves. The rich don't pay any taxes while the working poor are drowning in taxes and fees.

I can't relate to people who think Donald Trump is a savior. He's more like a pretend rich malcontent rapist traitor.

I can't relate to people who put all their personal info on social media sites like twitter or facebook. I value my privacy and no one needs to know what I'm doing or see pictures of me.

And I always thought this would be
the land of milk and honey
Oh but I came to find out that it's
all hate and money
And there's a canopy of greed holding me down.
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People who don't feel like Death Grips is the soundtrack of their ****ed up mind and the uglyness of now. No I'm not really a fan though.

The wretched world we’re living in at present was not an unlucky war of fate; it was an economic and political decision made without consulting the enormous human population that it would most drastically affect. If we would have it otherwise, if we’d prefer a future that we can call home, then we must stop supporting — even passively — this ravenous, insatiable conservative agenda before it devours us with our kids as a dessert. - Alan Moore

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Religion is the big one for me. People talk about god and faith, and I can't help but shake my head because I can't relate at all. And not for lack of trying -- I wasted all of my teens and most of my 20's trying to force myself to "just believe." But my brain just doesn't work that way. It still baffles me that people can and do buy into such obvious fairy tales.

'Spirituality' in general as well. It's all emotion combined with the weird human tendency to assign "meaning" to absolutely everything.

People who want kids is another big one to me, as several people have already mentioned. I guess I just didn't get the "parenthood" gene. And this planet is already way too overpopulated with humans, most of whom I couldn't care less about. People act like the slightest decline in birth rates is some kind of tragedy, when we actually need steep declines if we want future humans to continue living on this rock.

Also people who want to get married, and especially the ones who dream of big, fancy weddings. For that matter, monogamy in general. Chalk it up to lack of experience or issues with commitment, but I cannot fathom how two people can expect to stay together for DECADES. Despite the fact that my parents have done just that...

I'm sure there are plenty more but these are the big ones.

"Churches ... appear to me no other than human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.." -Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason
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