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What Are You Sensitive About?

For me it's when people talk about people's looks, especially about how a woman look.

I struggle with accepting the way I look. Sometimes I like the way I look but most of the time I have the desire to look like a normal feminine female.

I should just accept myself because I was born the way I am. And I'm wasting energy wanting to look different when I can't change the way I look.

I should work on my mental health and spirituality.

My Asian family can be quite shallow. They are not cruel when talking about people's looks but they always bring up if someone is attractive or not. It makes me anxious when I hear them.
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Not A Low Calorie Food
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Pretty much everything. Though it is significantly reduced online.

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of all types

who are employed for their attributes of being mindless, i superior to 'em. i get brawly in supermarkets, banks... retail of telco... financial services

being a customer, why not allow purchase..? serve. i yer meat, yer funds! rarely i exit empty-handed

i go there can't do it by bellwire phoney or cell callentres of Narnia/Matrix fantasy worlds about human voice! being in same place as people is best.
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When anything is said about me, or what I relate to very well...

Even shy people can be sassy sometimes...
I'll put drunk raccoon in my signature as well, because I CAN...
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A Tad Hexish
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I could make a nice, long list (I'm pretty touchy) but here are a few of the worst:

Gaslighting/being invalidated: being told what I really feel/experience (contrary to my own statements), or having my behaviors/preferences retconned, by somebody who can't possibly know because they aren't me.

My appearance/having my picture taken. I don't share photos (or do video or voice chat) basically ever.

"Everyone is beautiful", "you don't need a relationship to be happy", and other glib, projective nonsense.

I love Society. It is entirely composed now of beautiful idiots and brilliant lunatics. Just what Society should be.
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My appearance for sure.
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A Person
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Pretty much everythinggggg. I'm sensitive af.

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My looks.
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I’m sensitive to everything
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alien monk
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sexual/physical/verbal abuse. people crossing my boundaries. lack of food hygiene and cleanliness (other people's i mean), arrogance too.

"I take what is mine. I pay the iron price."
―Balon Greyjoy
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Appearance, lack of girlfriends over the years, not intelligent, family problems, money problems, weight problems.

Don't let people treat you like dirt.
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Technically everything since that's my personality type, but there are some things that really bother me above other things, but I don't want to flesh it out right now.

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The teeth have long departed
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On in desire for destruction
One on which she'll depend
One that ceases to deepen
Too near bitter end

Black through the mountains
She turns her loosening ring
Guardian angel sings
"I think you've lost your wings, but you're still yours
You're still yours, you're still yours"

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Questioning any of the following: My nonexistent social life; My hobbies/interests; family life & childhood; anything relating to my so-called dating/sex life.
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I think I'm very sensitive about how other people feel when I am talking to them. I feel the need to keep them in their best mood..sometimes I even feel as though their feelings matter more than mine. Exhausting.
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Same, but to me it results in ANGER or rebellious reactions not anxiety.

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You tell me
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My appearance. Either when I don't reach my own standards or other people making negative comments. I've noticed a lot of times people make comments about your appearance, not from concern (because they may barely know you) but just to make conversation, which makes them a rude, uncreative and lazy conversationalist.

I used to be sensitive about people making comments about me being quiet / shy, but that rarely happens anymore for some reason. At least not to my face in this culture. And I've noticed as the comments on that petered out, so did my care for them. I don't think being quiet and shy is as overtly stigmatised in adulthood where I am right now. If the comments started increasing I'd be bothered again I guess.

I don't like people making comments about me looking anxious.

I also don't like people making jokes at my expense / teasing me in an unfair or mean way. I had a friend who used to do that and I basically dumped her because of that (and another super fcked up betrayal thing she did but that's not relevant here, because I don't think I was being sensitive about it, I was just reacting like a normal person would).
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My appearance, when they say I'm 'shy', my 'social life', when people make assumptions just cause you are a woman (hate stereotypes), my non-existing self-esteem..
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Most things I'm pretty ok with people joking around about, but my intelligence is a sensitive point. I try to overcome this by making jokes about it myself if I do something stupid, but I really wanna be thought of as more intelligent. Also anything I do related to my social anxiety I'm a bit sensitive to. I had someone repeatedly tease me for being a distance keeper and let me tell ya, did not make me feel good
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lagrimas negras
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I'm just a sensitive person over all. I don't like people who I hardly know getting too comfortable with me. since I'm quiet and I guess shy, some people in real life think they can take advantage of me but they're wrong. I have no problem speaking up when someone is trying to treat me like crap.
I also don't like people making jokes at my expense all the time. I can take a joke but there's a limit. No one wants to be a target on a daily basis.
Also, I hate when people (usually family members,in my case) feel like I should be more social.Just because they like to party/socialize and be the center of attention doesn't mean everyone else should or wants to be just like them. Why can't they understand that people are different and there's nothing wrong with being different.
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When people complain or make dumb jokes about my personality and body.
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