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When I was in elementary school and my class had show and tell I would just stand there and look at the floor. The teacher would have to do most of the talking and whatever she ask about what I'd brought, I would just say yes or no.
I think my parents encouraged my SA, my da would never let me go to football games and stuff like that. I never went to dances either. No one would want to go with me, I don't like dancing in front of other people, and my parents couldn't afford the pretty dresses.
When I'm in school I stay in dorms and I always look out the peep hole to see if they are people in the hall before I go out.

Be careful who you share your troubles with. Those you confide in may revel in your misfortune and conspire in your demise. Not everyone has your best interest at heart.
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Some weird behavior that I have done would have to be a few weeks ago when I was working in a customs broker company...well at lunch time I would go to my truck and eat there alone in 105degree weather and sometimes more since the truck was in the sun all day.
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eh can't remember much from high school, just that I never took my PE uniform because I was incredibly self conscious about changing infront of everyone but I let everyone believe I was just lazy. Oh and I avoided all school social activities.

Failed a uni subject because I refused to do a speech. That cost me around $500 I think.
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In high school I skipped lunch completely and went to the school library instead.

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Originally Posted by Zephyr
In high school I skipped lunch completely and went to the school library instead.
Me too. For a while I'd buy a coke and sit on a bench and drink it before heading into the library, but I stopped that after somebody started ridiculing me for having no friends.
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I always hid in the library for lunches too and skipped school often, especially if we had a rally or some other assembly.
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Wow! I thought I was the only one who did wierd things.When I started reading these responses i realised i'm just like everyone who suffers with social anxiety.I'm going to share what i've done over the years.In grade ten after arriving at school i went to the Arts and Culture center which was next to the school, and waited in the bathroom until it was time to go to class.I did that so i wouldn't have to talk to anybody untill the door opened.Then there was a time dinnertime when i had to stay in for dinner that i walked in a blizzard from school to a macdonald's restaurant to call my grandfather to come pick me up because school was out for the day and That was a huge lie.I lied so many times because of SA and i'm not proud of it.I kept on walking around the same streets outside of school during dinnertime until it was time to go back to the classroom.I'm sure i looked like a stalker or someone to be very suspicious about.When i had free periods at school I spent them in the bathroom.One time i stayed on my back bridge untill the school bus drove by and then i told my mom that i missed the bus.
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Never ate in the cafeteria.

Never spoke to anyone.

(There was this party at the end of the last year, one of
the few parties i have been to, and this girl came up to me
and told me i had to be insane.
"You never speak, you must be insane".)

Well of course, if i'm not like you i just have to be insane
don't i.

During lunch breaks i always used to take long walks, or drive
when i got a car.
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Let's see. . .

high school:

I didn't eat lunch, because there was this awful girl who would make fun of me no matter where I sat (she'd find me sitting alone because I had no friends, move to my table along with her friends, and then torture me). One day I decided that was enough and went to the library. Most days I went to the library during lunch.

Some days (this is weird) I just walked around the campus very slowly for the whole lunch period. I did this on breaks too. I pretended like I really had somewhere to go. I must have looked like an idiot to the people I passed over and over again.


All of last year I avoided using the dorm/suite bathroom because I hate going when other people are there (and there are always people in there!). So I became really good at holding it and used the bathrooms in the library or the building I had class.

I also always went to eat meals way early so it wasn't crowded and I didn't have to share a table with anyone/interact with too many people.

Before class I always took out a book and read so I didn't have to talk to anyone.

It seems like I have gotten worse

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Funny how a lot of us did the same things!

i too hid in bathrooms until classes started so i didn't have to speak to anybody until my class started.
i still do the walk thing down hallways.
also, now i teach and i don't leave my office until two minutes before my class is supposed to start. i wouldn't know what to do in my classroom with all my students in front of me and having to wait...

i too missed my school's award ceremony because i couldn't face being on the stage. i was good at school and always won school awards. and i never once showed up to the award ceremony.

once, there was a spelling contest, and i was good at it and i kept winning and winning until there were only me and another student left. i lost on purpose: i couldn't face the attention i would get if i won. And then i found out that i still had to have my photograph taken and was still winning a silver medal. my strategy hadn't even worked. it was awful.
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I had a few alkies to tag along with, though it didn't matter because I was drunk 80% of the time. I remember one time during lunch they weren't around, and I owed a 'detention' lunch hour to the asst. principal so I conveniently served it that day.

"To hell with reality! I want to die in music, not in reason or in prose. People don't deserve the restraint we show by not going into delirium in front of them. To hell with them."
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Umm... I pretty much stay home on Friday and Saturday nights and play computer games while my friends are out having a good time
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In junior high, I walked home over 2 miles everyday from school because I was afraid to take the bus with all those people.
In high school, I ate lunch in the bathroom walked around aimlessly during breaks, pretending I had somewhere to go. I was on the cross country and track teams and avoided going to all-day Saturday competitions because of all the time when there would be nothing to do and everybody else would just chat with each other.
College- I avoid my roommates as much as possible, avoid going into my room as much as possible and come home really late at night after they have already gone to bed. I don't go out into the kitchen if they're out there, and so I just sit in my room and starve. I get to classes right when they're about to start so I don't feel left out when everyone else is chatting before class. At my college, we have to attend chapel every week, and I always arrive late and ask to sit next to some random person so I don't look like i'm sitting all by myself.
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Originally Posted by sonya99
Originally Posted by ColdFury
When I was in dorms, I'd @#%$ in empty bottles because the hallways was always full of people and I couldn't get up the courage to walk thru them to get to the bathroom. Sigh
I would have been tempted to do that...if i didn't have a roomate hehe. Well, I've never gone that far, but i have peed in containers in my room because I didn't want to talk to my brother in the hall.
I peed in a plastic cup once, but not by choice. My suitemate's and my rooms were separated by our bathroom, and one night she forgot to unlock my door when she left. I tried going out into the hall and knocking on her door, but she had gone out for the night. I later found out that all I had to do was push something into the lock (it was one of those push-button locks) and it would have popped open.

But yeah, I did a lot of the things that most of you guys did in middle and high school . If any of my few friends were absent from school, I would avoid break and lunch times by walking around intently or hiding in the bathroom. I actually don't even remember using the bathroom in high school at all.
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I'm surprised how many people were able to spend lunch in the library. I was stuck in the cafeteria. Everyone would be talking and laughing and I would be having an anxiety attack because I didn't know where to sit or what to say to anyone.

I used to go to the school nurse a lot saying my stomach was hurting and I needed to go home. It worked but just reinforced my avoidance.

One time I went to this employment seminar, and when I arrived I saw this group of people standing outside waiting for it to start. I didn't want to have to walk past them, so I drove around the town again to try to pass some time. When I got back to the building, I walked in only to find that they started a couple of minutes early. The door just happened to be in the front of the room too, so when I opened it everyone was staring at me.

If I want to use the mirror in a public restroom, and someone else comes in, I hide in a stall and wait for them to leave. I will then try to use the mirror again. If somebody else comes in, I sometimes will go back in a stall until they leave.

When I am at a stoplight and a car pulls up next to me I will mess with the radio, so I don't have to figure out what to do with myself.

At my one job, I would eat lunch in my car and pretend I was reading. I was really trying to read, but was too nervous to actually comprehend anything. People would walk by the car and wave, while going out to eat together.
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When I was 6, I was too afraid to ask permission to go to the bathroom at school, so I just started to cry.

I also remember when I was in high school, I went to school by bus one time. I couldn't find the stop button, so I just waited till someone else pushed it so I could get out. That was two stops after mine. I had to walk really fast to be on time for my first class.

In high school, I sometimes went to the bathroom during breaks, because I didn't know where else to go.

I skipped gym class several times during high school, because I was too afraid to go. They never missed me in there and I never got punished for it.
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I hated going to lunch. I usually ended up sitting with a group of girls I knew from middle school. We weren't really friends, but I think they felt sorry for me because they knew I didn't have many friends. I ate my food really slowly so I would have a reason not to talk to anyone.

And while everyone else was hanging out with their friends in the hall during breaks between classes, I just went to my locker and then straight to class. I was always the first one there and I brought a book with me to read so I wouldn't have to talk to anyone before class started.

I lived in a dorm for about a week when I first started college, and I would take showers in the middle of the night because during the day there were always people in the bathroom. I would tell my roommate I had a lot of homework and I was just going to stay in the room and work on it so I wouldn't have to go eat dinner with her. And I would wake up really early on certain days so that we weren't getting ready at the same time in the morning.

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Lunch in high school was tough for everyone I see. I dreaded lunch more than anything else. I did just about anything to avoid people, it's not easy in school though.

In college, I went to school just before class started and left immediately afterwards. If there was extra time between classes, then I went to the library to kill time.

What painful memories!
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Schedule my yardwork around my neighbors plans. As nice as they are, I just dread going outside at the same time as them because then I have to be able to make conversation....I'll peek out the window until they go in the house or leave in their car, then I'll go out and water the lawn or whatever. Pretty stupid, but thats what I do.
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Oh yep, I did the hide in the library during break time thing too. When my friends are not around or if I have no one to eat with, I'll just go to the library and sit in a corner to do some reading. I used to walk 10-15min under the hot afternnon sun to a much further away bus stop then use the one right infront my school because lots of my schoolmates/classmates use it The times I dreaded most are when there are special occasaions celebrations where its chaotic and everyone sits with their friends and make a whole lot of noise. Obviously, I hated it because I had no friends to sit with. I disliked group work immesely too because the teachers usually let you choose your own partners and I don't really have anyone that I can work with in school.
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