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Originally Posted by Anon View Post
High School = Prison look a like, mostly exterior wise.
I always thought pretty much all public high schools either looked like prisons or prisons hiding behind a few architectural flourishes. Not only from the outside but interior as well.

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Went to a grammar school, teaching was basically shockingly bad because the kids were bright so automatically did well in exams. Primary school was okay though.

Unfortunately I ended up basically surrounded by bullies in both though.

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i didnt like highschool....i got bullied alot....my school was evry academic and did nothing about personal development.....it was a waste of time

the severe bullying has led to severe mental ehalth problems as an adult....the govt show no vision.....schools are justa production line churning out results.....

because of their system, ihave only worked one year in a full time job. im 44 now and because of school im a finacial burden on the state.....the school system is a joke.....

due to the school system i have costed the state about 300k, about 170k has been paid to me in disability payments over the years, and i have cost the state in the amount of times ive been in psychiatirc care

the politicians show no vision
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High school was a pretty good public school. The better one of the two in town. The other being where the ghetto kids go. Main quirk is it had a New Wing and Old Wing, which are at least a 10 minute walk apart. So period between classes, most will not make it on time if they have to travel between the two. I think originally they were planning to replace the Old Wing with the New Wing, but then the Old Wing became a Federal National Register Historic Place, so the demolition was blocked. And the Old Wing supposedly had many haunted sightings of a woman who apparently hung herself from the side staircase in the 1920s. Our school janitor often claims he sights her nearly daily. And there have been numerous incidents of students slipping and falling on that same staircase she hung herself from, so the school eventually tore that down.

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