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Most brutal attacks suffered in life all been by phone

got me in hospital so many times from epileptic shock (4 months recovery) just being told
you can't or You cannot hold a conversation.. too many times.. YOU! abuse
major damage happens with abrupt Hangups with no voice. so bye or sorry.

i sit here with flashing light of voicemail. seriously damaged temporal lobe.
this rendered me unable to process human language. not my choice.
been very grim about people seeming unintelligent, uneducated.. my selective not listen

but later in life some remote communicative layer - callcentres! virtual world
yesterday's 3 calls, each from same area but each unique source.. took me years to describe/understand, summarise wholly.. noise generated electronically: ZX Spectrum loading tape! as tactic! alarm of any type to disturb. this not affecting me. only was in past when people were so rude, obnoxious shouting aggressively... followed by hangup when i speak formally.. just hearing noise generated interesting. tactic to scare, offend. 36 limit of voicemails possible when i get home from hospital perfect example. my landline attacked too much. after rehab, can listen to rubbish. not willing al these years on.. no voicemails for decades. seems they way they don't bother. i hear the line open. my approach from early life: they the instigator, inducing a call, their responsibility to introduce something.. i wait for them. their initiative. getting wound up in knots if what's said not fitting what's expected, loops of negativity. want clear these recorded messages. needs listening? no button to erase if unheard. some sense in electronics. truth, the sound can't harm me. but social intertwinings go deeper
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I never set my voicemail up because I don't want anyone leaving me messages. I have caller ID or they can text if I don't answer, but no messages.
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I have voicemail, If I don't wanna pick up or miss a call its nice that it goes there so I can listen to it. If It's important I will call back.
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